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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pumpkin craft--I hope you don't mind

I hope you don't mind.........
I am posting this again.
I plan to make more this year for a few neighbors.

This is so easy to make--
so easy to personalize with embellishment or colors.
You need:
* Dryer vent hose (white plastic)
* Glue Gun
* acrylic paint
* sponge brush
* leaves etc...
Cut the dryer vent hose---easy to figure out
bend to a circle...where the ends will meet.
(kids shouldn't help with this part)
hot glue the ends together.
Let the glue dry
Paint with sponge brush.
For the STEM
I used a brown piece of paper bag
crumbled and folded.
The year I made these...
I made dozens....and gave them away
Cheap and truly easy !!!
Think some cute
"cottagey look" would be easy to achieve...
maybe a pale pink paint....glitter.....
oh my....what you could do


Sharon said...

I remember this post and so glad you re-posted it!!! Maybe I can get a few made...maybe...

Anonymous said...

A great idea to repost this as I remember it from last year and it's just as cute now as it was then! (o:

BECKY said...

Too cute, Deby! I know your friends will be happy to receive your adorable gift!! Have fun with them!

Tracy said...

I remember this from the first time you posted, but I had forgotten how cute it was!