A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My BEST news ever

This is MY BEST NEWS ever..it can be yours TOO

I have claimed for many years....approximately 40 or so....to be a Christian.I have gone to many different denominations and feel like I am FINALLY being
grounded in a Independent fundamental Baptist Church. I have been listening to preaching
with such conviction that a work had begun in my heart.
Something was missing....I knew the Bible, had walked many an aisle, knew the songs, the lingo,
even LEAD people to the Lord. I had deceived MANY and most of all myself. The conviction
had started.....with wonderful preaching from the pulpit at my church...from reading some postings on blogs,and other things....you know what....do you know what I KNEW, in my HEART...
"I WAS NOT SAVED"....I knew it....denied it....I knew that if I were to die, I could NOT tell you 100% that I was going to heaven. I would try to muster it up....I had to keep face with friends and most of all family.I had played the church game well, but I was NOT SURE....

Tonight after our evening service my beloved husband and I met with our Pastor....to find out where we would
fit in at the church and what our interests and desires were. I knew I could not leave there without sharing with my Pastor the struggles I was having in my heart. I KNEW I had never truly repented in my heart....and after many tears I prayed and asked Jesus in my heart....I asked HIM to forgive me for my sins, I thanked HIM for taking my sins on Himself for me.....I truly became BORN AGAIN and now I KNOW it....It was as IF something lifted off my heart that I foolishly having been carrying way too long. I , before tonight was sincere, but I have been sincerely WRONG...and the enemy has liked that.

To all of you whom I have deceived in saying the right words, etc...I would ask your forgiveness to pretending to be something I was not. And I would ask that you too would MAKE sure that you are saved. As we were finishing our time together I told my pastor that I felt like something lifted off of me and he sang that first line from the hymn *Burdens are lifted at Calvary*..

and indeed they were lifted for this 50 something lady

ALSO..to Mrs. B whose testimony has been part of this process and also Julie whose salvation post...also to the website Lehigh Valley Baptist church, other women who's testimony is so similiar to mine that have shared it with many others,and especially to my Pastor, Pastor Bob Reno I would say THANK you....I so appreciate your listening to the Lord's leading as you have all shared in what has been a few rough weeks for me.

I am so excited to finally KNOW in my heart....That I ,DEBY, am truly a Daughter of the KING....and am no longer playing the part.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Busy week

Oh wow has it been a busy week for me then, tonight and tomorrow 1/2 day there is a Baptist Women'sConference that I am going to. As I have written my beloved husband has been remodeling our home.It doesn't help when your wife is COLOR FICKLE.....
This week we have started hanging a few things on the walls...even though the crown molding isn't quite finished.
Thought I would share a bit.
The color on the kitchen wall is called Exotic Honey and I love the warmth it gives my kitchen...still need to fine tune some things.
And to the winners..I will mail next week....

Sunday, September 23, 2007

prayer Please

Valerie is home...very sore and bruised and her hand splinted...it needs to be re-xrayed when the swelling goes down.
We all appreciate the prayers
Tuesday Update
Valerie is still in the hospital..her cardiac enzymes are still not quite normal...her hand is splinted. She is eating...THANK YOU..thankyou....I have not been able to comment personally...I was not home and right now I am just wore out.....Will keep you updated.

I saw Valerie today at the hospital...she is pretty bruised up...and her hand might be broken.
Her enzymes are still OFF...so they have still kept her. She is trying some solid foods this evening.Kristi is overwhelmed handling the insurance...she is 15 weeks pregnant and 3 small boys already

ALSO..my sister SUSIE had HER gall bladder out today..same hospital.....she did really good and they let her come home this evening

THANK YOU for all the prayers...

**Update: She is being admitted to the hospital,
her chest is swollen , her heart is bruised..
she is pretty banged up in alot of pain....
They are keeping a close eye on her

My daughter in love just called
Her mom Valerie was in a car accident...
she is on the way to the hospital
via ambulance.Don't know anything other than
AIR bags deployed, car is totaled.

okay,,,,contest RULES change

OKAY....as of TODAY October 1st...
YOU can have ONE guess a DAY....
IF you have guessed you are WELCOME
to try again....up to one guess a day.
boy...I thought this would be over
by now
Nothing fancy...but to give another chance to some of you...
I do have a favorite of my blog posts.
Don't ask me why
it is my favorite but I have always in my heart considered
this to be my favorite...
First one to guess it...

NOW...you will have to read other people comments first
to make sure you don't guess the same one.
I am going to busy off and on the next couple of day...
so I can't check as much as I like
will go by the order the comments come in....
AND IF you have won a gift from the previous contest...
guess what you can guess again...
The PRIZE?????
You must give the correct title of the post....
ONE guess per person
see...and you thought the fun was over ????

Saturday, September 22, 2007


woohooo...I put everyone into random..org
and this is the order:
Drum roll please......

1st.Place....LaTeaDah (Gracious Hospitality)

2nd...........Theresa (A Note from Theresa)

3rd............Mrs. B (Cherish the Home)

!!!! Congratulations !!!!!

Now I have a consolation present..
something very little for :
4. Pam (Midnight Musings)

5. Christian Homekeeper

6. Julie (Julie's Jewels)

7. Maxine (Nanna's Reflections)

Now..Please email your address:
Thank you to all of you that have entered

.It has been wonderful to read the posts and check out your blogs as well.
Check back I love doing things like this....ya just never know
With a thankful heart,
Picture by allposters.com (couldn't resist the dog !!!! )

Friday, September 21, 2007

LAST night

Tonight is the last night...then the drawing this weekend...Probably tomorrow....
in the morning I will check to see what comments came in before MIDNIGHT pacific time....and then work it all up. I will be using random.org
Wish I could give to all...I have loved this..meeting alot of new bloggers.
I plan to do giveaways periodically but not to this degree.... :-)


Saturday, September 15, 2007

100th Post Thank you--Giveaway

First Place 2nd Place
3rd Place

I wish I could send a thank you gift to EVERYONE who reads my blog, but of course I cannot.
So this is how I am going to work my RANDOM giveaway.
I have a GRAND PRIZE.....and two smaller prizes...
plus at least 5 consolation prizes..not pictured.
btw..click on pictures too see
better what is included
1. You get your name in the drawing once for commenting on this BLOG post
2. Your name will go in a 2nd time IF you post this with a link to my blog ON YOUR BLOG.
3. IF you do any of the above, then I am going to re-read through ALL of my PAST comments and your name WILL go in AGAIN for EACH time I see that you posted on my blog comments.
It is my way of really saying thank you for the faithful commenters
IT starts today....Saturday the 15th of Sept.and ends Friday night.Sept. 21st....I will draw the winners by Monday the 24th...IF not sooner.
You have 48 hours to contact me with you address, which I will keep secure.Or I will re-draw......NO EXCUSES.......I am using the following email for this giveaway :
feel free to email ahead of time if you are going to be gone or busy in case you win.
I am an honest person and will not use your addy for any other purpose.IF you comment anonymously or do not have a blog please sign your name or it won't count.
IF you have multiple blogs. please don't do multiples, I am trying to be fair.
Thank you...thank you...I have been encouraged and challenged by so many of you to grow in my walk with the Lord. I pray that blogging has done that for you as well. We serve a great GOD.....

100 THINGS about me

Wow....the next post will be my 100th post Giveaway....so here comes this one. I have seen so many of you do this and it hasn't been easy. I am afraid that a list like this would come across sounding NARCISSTIC....or prideful. I sure hope not. These are not in any order.
1. Oldest of 7 children 2. Married my High Scool sweetheart, he is till my sweetheart. 3. We met the summer before our Sr. year 4. Engaged during Sr. Year 5. Got saved when I was 13 5. Was raised Catholic until 4th grade. 6.LOVE our 3 grown children and their spouses 3 grown chidlren, Matt(Gina),Melissa(Mark) Josh(Kristi) 7. 5 small grandsons, Tyler, Noah, Jacob,Caleb, Issac. 8. Another grandchild on the way 9.Moved 36 times in my life. 10.Lived in So. Dakota 11.lived in California 12. lived in Michigan 13. lived in Turkey 14. Lived in Washington 15. lived in England 16. lived in Italy 17.SOME of the Places I have visited Ephesus 18.Tarsus 19. Antioch 20. London 21. Oxford 22. Wales 23. Germany 24. Austria 25. Slovenia 26. Florence 27. Venice 28.Stratford Upon Avon 29.Mexico 30. Canada 31. I am tall, 5'9" 32. I wear a plus size, don't ask 33. Dental phobic or as dh says"mental dental" 34.love to decorate my house 35.Watch decorating and fix up house shows 36.Wear glasses 37. color my hair 38. polish toenails 39. hate the heat (anoything above 70 ) 40. bite my nails 41.Decorate ecclecticly, I would say 42. favorite color is RED..but I am trying not to have a favorite anymore 43. Also PINK 44. husband's is YELLOW 45.Can embroider.easy stuff 46. sew some 47. crochet minimally 48.can drive a stick shift 49.LOVE PICKLES 50. will even drink pickle juice 51.wear size 11 shoes 52. love Christmas lights 53. love coffee 54.love tea 55. semi organized 56.like purses 57. like aprons 58.love my recliner 59. wear make-up almost everyday, Bare eccentuals 60. love grilled salmon 61. love rib eye steak 62.like pedicures 63. spoiled by husband he fixes me breakfast everyday 64..like Tiffany lamps 65. love to read(read fast) 66.like silk plants..they don't die 67. LOVE my handy man husband 68.like my TIVO 69. love my Laptop 70. Like FRESH Kim-chi 71. Sunburn Easily 72.like to change furniture around. 73. like to sing 74..Miss my MOM 75. Miss my DAD 76. miss my brother, Billy..they are all in Heaven. 77. Wear Giorgio RED perfume for my husband 78. love Lagerfeld and Stetson on Him 79. Like Bubble Baths 80.love floral fabrics English looking...81. Love thrift stores and garage sales. 82. love the Cottage look 83.Pray for others 84..Waiting for the RAPTURE 85. LOVE LOVE the King James Bible 86..Believe it to be the ERROR free WORD OF GOD. 87.like wind chimes 88.like old houses 89. Don't like birds 90. prefer small dogs, mine is a chihuaha of sorts...Chloe 91. Want a Yorkie,teacup size someday 92. Watch Fox News 93. Don't like camping LOVE my siblings 94. have fibromyalgia 95.have chronic insomnia 96 love my neices and nephews 97.don't like okra or asparagus 98.like DISHES 99.would love to learn how to do more than this basic blog template thing..like more decorative
okay this is done and those of you who KNOW me.....if I forgot something...Oh well....IF you are judging me on and of my likes,loves...etc....pray for me....don't challenge me....I am just a Sinner saved by grace.
So with that said, I will add a picture and then get ready for my giveaway..

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cell Phone or Bible

I got this from Tori's , A HOME FAR FROM HOME Thought that it was so good.
We are a family of Cell Phone users......which sometimes can be a pain, other times
I think," how did I ever live without this"?

Cell Phone vs. Bible

Psalms 12:6,7 "The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in the furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible
like we treat our cell phones.

*What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets
*What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it
*What if we flipped through it several times a day
*What if we used it to receive messages from the text
*What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it
*What if we gave it to kids as gifts
*What if we used it as we traveled
*What if we used it in case of an emergency
*What if we had to upgrade because ours is worn out
It's just something to think about... Something to make you think?
So which is more important to you –
Cell phone or Bible?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fall Craft idea

Thought that this was cute....it is from

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Post 95.....what's next

Well I will be hitting my 100th post soon....woohooo

I plan to do some Give-a-ways as my way of thanking

you all for reading my blog. Obviously I cannot afford to buy

for all etc....so it will be done randomly.

IF you have a problem with things like this

please know that, I am giving in the spirit of thankfulness for all of you ....

and would like to do this in a tangible way.

It is in my nature to be a gift giver,

I just like doing it...always have.

So keep your eyes open for my

.... little way of saying thanks....
coming up soon.