A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy FALL Y'ALL Give a way

Send me your addy
I am emailing you..

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is having a HUGE Fall Carnival with over 500 people so far participating.
So...I couldn't resist....and have included a few things mostly Vintage:
It is a cute pink apron, a vintage blue doily,vintage pot holder and threw in a cute pack of stick notes.All you do is leave a comment....I will draw Sunday night....at 8 in the evening...Pacific time..Leave me a way of getting ahold of you.And then go over to the giveaway and check out what else there is..LOTS of things..really great stuff. ....and IF you would like read my TESTIMONY ....I just got saved Sept 30th

A great post on Halloween--Updated

This is not from me but use with permission from Jane at Hitting the High Notes:
I thoroughly enjoy the changes fall brings. Falling leaves blanket the ground with an assortment of colors. The air becomes chilly and jackets and coats are brought out of storage. I love fall!
I celebrate fall with my children using it as a time to teach about God and His beautiful creation. I do not include Halloween celebrations in my fall festivities. After an in depth study of Halloween and the origins of this holiday, I feel that participating in the rituals and routines associated with the world's practices is counter productive to how I am raising my children.Halloween originally came from a Celtic holiday called Samhein. It was known then as “The Day of the Dead”. It was believed that the spirits of those who had died roamed freely about during that night – Oct 31. The carving of faces on pumpkins was done to keep the evil spirits from coming near the homes. Wicca, the official religion of witchcraft, regards this holiday as one of their sacred holy days.A study in the Bible will reveal that when spirits roam the earth and are active in doing evil – it is not just an “active imagination” or a “spooky” little story – it is real and it is satanic. Halloween, at it’s roots, is a Satanic holiday.
I feel that allowing my children to participate in this holiday will desensitize them to the evilness of Satan. I want for my kids to know that the devil's objective is not treats and candy; but rather his goal is to deceive and destroy. Even if my focus of the holiday is not on the evil of the holiday, but on the fun aspects of the time of year, I still can be sending a mixed message to my children.
As a Christian Mom, my goal in child raising is to raise children that are set apart for God. The Bible tells us that we are to be salt and light to an evil world. That means the way I live my life should be different from the world. I feel when the world has a "satanic" based holiday - my testimony, my walk with God, my conscience, can not condone participation in that holiday.
One of the greatest tools I have as a Christian is my testimony. How I raise my children and the things I allow my children to participate in, should give God a good name. I feel the best way for me to do that during this holiday is to refrain from celebrating all together. If I was a missionary in the heart of Africa, it would be imperative to my ministry to not participate in the rituals and customs of the African's spiritism and false religion. In choosing to participate, I would be sending a mixed message about why I was there. I believe the same can be true in America - there are certain traditions, and rituals to which our culture has become accustomed. In order to send a clear message - in order to not confuse why I am here - I must choose to not participate in certain culturally accepted American customs.
My heart's desire is to see Christ magnified in everything. I believe that not participating in Halloween traditions and customs - is the best way to ensure that Christ is lifted up in our home. To my children - and also to the people we come in contact with everyday. May other's see Christ in me!!
Note from me: UPDATED
I would also like to say. I know there are other ways to keep our chidlren from feeling left out. I also have done some alternatives to this day myself. Hey when else will people be knocking at YOUR door:
ie: TWO years I made SMALL sticker books out of cardstock and included Christian Stickers,a tract, and CANDY in the baggie. I have also handed out HOT Apple Cider to the parents and also carved pumpkins that say Jesus Loves you.... What you do is YOUR choice...I would encourage whatever you choose..KEEP out the EVIL
I would also include Harry Potter and those types of books in things that I would never allow in my home.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do you know someone?

Do you know someone
With a chronic illness?....
They could have, Lupus, R.A.,
M.S. or like myself Fibromyalgia..
There are so many more the list is endless..
Would you like to understand them better ?....I
would suggest that this could be the best thing
that you could do forTHEM and YOURSELF.
You never know YOU could be the one needing
a understanding heart.
This is a great little story at Butyoudon'tlooksick.com .
I think this will help you out and the person you love and care about.
I think that makes it worth it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Kristi

This is for my daughter in love Kristi...now I do have a disclaimer...as I know my son will be laughing so hard..Kristi I had to do this...and I am sure IF you got some sleep...you are cracking up to
WE hope you have a great birthday and praying Issac is feeling better...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Shiny sink challenge

I took the challenge. from Julieanne..and wow is my kitchen smelling fresh and good today.
I do not have a dishwasher
Even got on a chair and did the top of my refrigerator..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Because He lives

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stitchery--Free Pattern

I am on the mailing list for Pacific Fabrics.....here in Washington state.
This cute pincushion and embroidery pattern was in the newsletter,
and thought that I would share it with some of you stitchers.
I have loved bringing back handwork into my life.
Find it a good time to PRAY,
THINK, and relax. Believe me I am a novice.
There are alot of great blogs out there
with wonderful EASY ideas...and this is a cheap hobby.

Monday, October 22, 2007

great quote


I got this from the signature line of a list that I am on...I think you will agree:

"Modesty is what keeps you from being an occasion of sin to others when you are young and fit,
and from making a spectacle of yourself when you're not."

Friday, October 19, 2007

Foundation Baptist Church

Last night at our Missions conference we were blessed to have Pastor and Mrs. Matt Farinella.HE is a church planter in Washington State. MY state is not a state that has many good solid churches.Sometimes this can almost be classified as a very yuppie, affluent area...at least the Seattle area and areas surrounding it. Sometimes where there is more affluencey,people do not see their need for a Savior.Would you pray for the Farinellas' work...if you vacation out this way visit them. You will be blessed.If you are in the Seattle, Bellevue,Issaquah, Redmond area....they are pretty close by in Sammamish.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Missons conference

We are having Missions conference this week at our church.
The Evangelist, John Goetsch Jr. , is our speaker and his
lovely wife, April is doing the special music.
What a team
What a blessing.
At home, I am working on some small crocheted scarfs.
Nothing fancy. My daughter in loves church, in Nebraska,
sends them to the Ukraine for the children there. I wish I was
more talented in this area...I am limited to chain,single crochet,
double crochet,slip stitch..and not really good at directions..
now if someone was here to SHOW me ..I could do more...haha.
I am seeing everyone changing their blogs so much and VERY jealous,
I must admit. Now, If you think you could help me over the phone
on basics, I have unlimited stateside LONG distance and you are patient,
please email me.
That's it for here...we are having a major
wind storm today...already
hearing of Power outages...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

36 years...ago...

I married my beloved...so in honor of this terrific guy...I will tell you 36 things about HIM....

1. He loves the Lord
2. He loves me(alot harder to do)
3. He loves his children\
4. He loves our children's SPOUSES
5. He loves his grandchildren
6. He loves all of our families...far and wide
7. He loves the Bible
8. He sings wonderful
9. Great sense of humor....everyone always says this about him too...
10. He is tall 6'4"
11. RAMS fan
12. Dodgers Fan
13. Lakers Fan
14. Can fix anything...almost
15. Home remodler and painter

16. Home Dep*t a favorite place for him
17. Craftsm*an tools are a favorite
18. Might as well throw in Low*s
19. Needs me to match his clothing colors
20. Likes to win at board games
21. Love me to wear Giorgio RED perfume for him...and I do
22. One of 9 children
23. Spent 20+ years in the Air Force
24. Patient
25. Loves his country
26 .Extremely handsome
27. A man of integrity
28. quiet unless he knows you
29. excellant driver, always feel safe with him
30. a wonderful provider
31. loves our pooch,although won't always admit it
33. Spoils me(I do the same for him)
34. Even tempered
35. my best friend
36. TAKEN....this guy is mine..The man I LOVE
oh...forgot..favorite color is yellow....everyone in our family KNOWS that, he makes sure?
oh forgot to mention his....truck...enough said..it isn't pretty that's for sure..gotta get a picture some day.
Happy Anniversary Honey...

Friday, October 12, 2007

My early morning

All posters .com
I woke up bright and early today..we are at our daughters house this am....
and there are ballons on the table ....for me...
today..is my 50 (SOMETHING) Birthday...
and I wll be enjoying the company of family today which will be the biggest blessing...
and even though it is a fun day...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The B-I-B-L-E

IT is early this morning and my little grandson is sitting by me as I type...I had found this on you-tube the other night and HE loves it...YOU WILL too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From Susan *Penless writer*

I was awarded this on Oct.3rd....I am not sure what the origination
of it was and the REAL pre-requisites...but nonetheless...I am honored,Susan.

This is what she wrote:
"There are MANY of you that Life Me Up and you know who you are. BUT, I am going to pass this award onto only one person, Deby at Apples of Gold. Deby really lifted me up yesterday with her testimony here. Please go and read it and you will understand why.
Deby's story is why I believe so strongly in our blog world.
Deby you earned this Lift Me Up Award big time! "

now...my first time awarding and my awards will go to:

Her devotions encourage me as a Christian, and as a woman to be
more solid,grounded in the WORD and to
to live it....

AWARDS and such

Well it is said that it a woman's perogative to change her mind, or can one re-consider things in life"I think so"....
With that said I am CHANGING my own personal policy on awards etc..I have been struggling when recently Susan, of Penless writer recently awarded me a wonderful award.
I also am quoting from Jennifer's comment on awards to me that just made sense:
"Deby, I was torn between receiving awards and not, and if you read the link as to why I am going to continue. At first I was going to stop participating, but years ago my mom gave me good advice that I forgot for a bit. Sometimes the person giving needs that in their spiritual growth.Same with receiving. It is all too easy to be strong and give everyone else something, but to humble oneself and just say thank you is hard.
Almost as if one is implying that one is too good. We are in this together as Christians. We are to uplift eachother and fellowship with one another.By using an award to uplift another is wonderful. I am living testimony of this. Susan gave me the methetes award and wow. She had no idea that I have been feeling overwhelmed. I do lean on Jesus, but to be picked up by another Christian, made me as a person so uplifted. It was wonderful that others see my struggles and my strengths."

So with that said...I will try to go back in my past emails and see IF I can re-coup...but in the scheme of things I guess it does not matter..
Please understand I am not doing this to GET MORE,,,and also realize..that it too can take me weeks to do the work it takes to then award them properly.
Truly, AS imperfect as I am, my prayer is that someone in blogland is blessed by things posted..whether,trivial , funny, or profound. I know I am blessed by all of you in SOOOO many ways.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Couldn't Resist

I heard this song on Julie's Jewels blog...
I love it ...
Hope you do to.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Ruins at Ephesus, I have climbed to the top of this theatre
Paul preached here.

Well, what a Sunday.
I was Baptized Sunday morning...the WATER....a bit warm (hot)..but what a blessing.!!
Sunday evening another lady at our church was baptized. She got saved on Thursday
night. Wow...I am just amazed at the way the Lord is just convicting and blessing.
wooohoooooo! I will tell you it is so good to KNOW that I am saved. PEACE
You might want to check out Pen of Jen's today. VERY convicting thoughts on money,
and Christmas etc...
I have a SUPER busy week ahead of me, don't know how much blog time...I will try.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Winner of my Favorite post

Melissa, my daughter ...she is on my side bar "Mocha Missy"
When I was coming up with this my thought process was this:
hmmmm...what is my favorite post????
This one came to mind, FIRST..and stayed in my mind
it is June 11th's post
Can I tell you though, the ironic thing is ..IF I had to pick again, it would NOT be.
IT would be this past Sunday night's post. My Best News ever....
but yet now I KNOW
I am truly in the TRANSFORMATION process.
Melissa, I will be seeing you and bring your gift
(something fleecy...jk...mother daughter joke, she can't stand the feel of things like that)..
You can than post the picture of the things to your blog....
hooray..this one is over..but beware..I love doing things like this...
and you never know.

This is from BECCA of Bluebird's and Roses

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thanks to ALL....This is for YOU

There are no words that I can say to all of you for the responses on my post Best NEWS ever....please understand that post is about the GRACE of God and HIS lovingkindness and longsuffering to me, just another one of HIS children....my heart as been so *raw* for a lack of a better word this week.
Sometimes I want to jump up and say WOOHOO....PRAISE the Lord..I did that with my friend Linda after church last night...and other times I feel like I could fall flat on my face, just thanking GOD for saving me....and I am so thankful the Rapture has not come...because I believe that I would have been LEFT..I know there MUST be others out there like me....let me tell you.....IT IS WORTH IT to get it SETTLED FOREVER.....Don't wait like me...
ALSO I plan to go to the post in the next few days and reply to all the comments...you have been so kind and encouraging...
I hope you will close your eyes and listen to the words on this You-tube....my pastors wife, Amy, sang this recently and the words have been in my mind this afternoon and since Amy has not made a You-tube video YET...this will have to do:

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

So cool.....

Video: Rapture Video

My Pastor has been speaking about the Rapture....and believe me with all the soul searching that has gone on in my heart....I wasn't sure...I am NOW...ARE YOU ?