A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Winners Are

Thank you...
thank you...
all of you sweet ladies !!!
Diane (Tomato Soup Cake)
The other 4 are:
Martie (Hitting the High Notes)
Karen (Angels Watching Over Me)
Becky Terry(Morning Mist & Scattered Clouds)
and yes....
Myranda(I guess persistance pays)
I did the drawing through
and then lots and lots of counting....
thank you...
NOW would you email me
your addresses...
My email is on my profile page

meet Myranda

This is my sweet niece, Myranda
and her beloved, Luke !
Cute couple, huh ?
she has taken
the challenge of my GIVEAWAY
to a new level
scroll down and see....
look at ALL of her comments !!!
I love creativity...
either way,
your Auntie
will have something special for you...
oh yes I will...
love you...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Because you asked

Because many have inquired
These are the GLH books
I don't have yet:

Because of Stephen
The Chautauqua Idyl
A Little Servant
Pansies for Thoughts
The Parkerstown Delegate
A Personal Influence
Now this is a picture of the "Narrows Bridges"
they connect parts of our beautiful
Puget Sound.
I drive on them to go visit family...
They are beautiful ...
they can be intimidating at first.
You get used to them

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

job accomplished...whew !!

I printed up the list of Grace Livingston Hill books
and today put them in ABC order
I double-checked
I am missing 6
I also have a few by her daughter and Isabella Alden
I find many in Thrift Stores and Craig's list.

This past weekend, I picked up a lot
of 70 of them from CL's. Cost $20.00
These are books that touch my heart.
I feel like I do not waste time
when I read her books.
I also love to give the extras away
oh...when you find them
pick them up..
you will be blessed.
btw my giveaway
under this post is still going on...
oh..the picture in the frame.....
was from my sister, Trudy !!!
She knows I love purses and sent me this card.
I couldn't resist framing it

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

500th post giveaway--

Yes....this is my 500th post GIVEAWAY
That isn't the prize
This PINK beauty was parked
next to us at our local
home improvement store.
Couldn't RESIST taking a picture !!
These are the prizes....
5 of them
The center one is the grand prize
Each package
includes a APRON, a Book and

I will draw randomly
Now...the RULES
since May 2nd will count
YOU can go back
IF you didn't comment on a post.
YOU can comment on this post
as many times as you want...
(feel free to get creative !!)
You know how this goes---JANEY
IF you post it on your blog
tell me...I will give you 5 more tries
The winners will be chosen
not today----not tomorrow...
one day...I will announce
they have been chosen
the comments on this post will be closed...
now if you don't have to have a blog
to comment , you know...
I take anonymous
BUT I need you to sign your name....
and a email address in case you win.
HOPE this all makes sense...
it does to me (LOL)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I love this

Psalms 94:18
When I said,
My foot slippeth;
thy mercy,
O LORD, held me up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

my new habit

My new habit---
All flavors--
I am partial to the Ranch and Nacho Cheese
My special little dish--
one side for the seeds--one for the shells !!
Found at Salvation Army.. only .99
WHY ????
I am off all white sugar to include white flour.
I needed a snack...
my daughter who has lost tons of weight
eats these...my sister, Lisa has eaten
them for years.
So I gave them a try...at first my husband
called them a *nAsTy HaBiT* ????
NOW...HE joins me...
they are full of good things
and keep me satisfied.
I am sure there are some out there
that are a healthier version....feel free to
send me any links..I do like the roasted...
and boy some of these flavors are yummy.
I do not SPIT out the shell as some
(that would not be LADY-LIKE)
I try to be tidy...and
they are much better than
BON-bons !!!!
do you have a healthy snack to share ???

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stitchery and life

Look at this book I just bought.
there is much information in it written
from a woman's love for stitchery
In the back, is this envelope
with some iron on patterns.
What a BONUS !!!
Guess what????
A COPY of this book is going to be in my
500th post giveaway
..think this is post:
and you might want to check the hint I left
on my sidebar....
Now where have I been lately.
Let's see:
Last week my sister and her 5 kids were here and Lisa
painted...and painted for me..
We made laundry soap and hand soap
and she did some projects in my house....
it was a most busy and fun week.
We had family committments....graduations
and soon a farewell party is coming for my
daugher and her husband who will be returning to the EAST coast.
(This is one SAD Nana and Papa)
I am starting some sewing classes, scheduling
dentist appointments (hate them), back injection appt.
etc.....and then want to start a decoupage project in my home.
Life has been busy...and yet times that old fatigue monster
will just get the best of me.
How are all of you???
Will try to get around and visit more

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here is my painting

This is the one I purchased.
It is a lovely watercolor.
I will find a place for it, I am sure.
I haven't hung anything up, yet....
One day...all will be settled
and I will cherish this painting
Betty did.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Strawberry stitching

I think this is sooooo CUTE
If you click here...you can download the pattern
FREE !!! Plus browse their website
for other FREE patterns..
I am on "Bird Brain Designs" email list
and enjoy their creations.
Hope you do too.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

meet Betty

There is a lady in my church *Betty* who is
artist. She works in oils, watercolors,ink,
pottery and carving.
She recently had a ART show in her garage,
it was also a sale.
These pictures do not even do justice to her work.
Some of her work she has turned into cards.

My husband allowed me to purchase a painting
you can't see it from here...it will have to be
another post.
Betty is in her 70's-
she is a widow. She also
gardens--she has a huge vegetable garden,
she then cans her harvest.
She has the most beautiful lawn and flowers.
She sews, embroiders, her home is
beautifully maintained.
She is my friend and welcomed me
for a great visit yesterday with homemade ice tea
and sweet fellowship.
I am inspired when I am around her
and want to learn from women like her.
She embraces her homemaking.
I hope you can find someone older that you can learn from.

Monday, June 1, 2009

a *Grace Livingingston Hill* find

I found this book, "Rainbow Cottage"
recently from a thrift shop.
It was $2.50.
It is hardbound, and a publish date of 1934.
I finally read it and enjoyed it so much.
WHAT, I like about her books is this,
when the characters in her book get saved,
there is a CHANGE in their LIFE, in many areas
She gives many examples of what happens when the
Lord takes ahold of their heart
I don't see that so much in books today.
I like some of her books better than others.
I am so encouraged by the way she weaves the gospel
into her stories and the way lives are CHANGED !!!
These are the last line from the book:
"Jesus may come to-day,
Glad day, glad day !"
Oh, that we would anticipate,
and live like today is our last day.
This book, written so long ago...
....we are even closer