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Proverbs 25:11

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

job accomplished...whew !!

I printed up the list of Grace Livingston Hill books
and today put them in ABC order
I double-checked
I am missing 6
I also have a few by her daughter and Isabella Alden
I find many in Thrift Stores and Craig's list.

This past weekend, I picked up a lot
of 70 of them from CL's. Cost $20.00
These are books that touch my heart.
I feel like I do not waste time
when I read her books.
I also love to give the extras away
oh...when you find them
pick them up..
you will be blessed.
btw my giveaway
under this post is still going on...
oh..the picture in the frame.....
was from my sister, Trudy !!!
She knows I love purses and sent me this card.
I couldn't resist framing it


Tracy said...

Wow, Deby, you have quite a collection. Her books are so good though, aren't they? :)

Rebecca said...

What a fabulous bunch of books you have! I've heard of these beautiufl books before...they look stunning so organized!


Cori G. said...

Hi Deby and thanks for stopping by my blog this afternoon.

I love your little comment up above and think I may have passed this way before.

The pink mustang down below, I wouldn't have been able to resist either, but mustangs are very noisy. Cute none the less.
Have a wonderful day.

xoxo Cori

rita said...

Deby, that photo is precious. It made me smile. I love the way you organized your bookshelf -- all the lovely scraf with the sweet pink basket. Great job.

Connie said...

Wow, Deby, you've been busy also, sugar! I think they look fabulous as you've stacked them. Doing good, chick......

BECKY said...

Wow Deb' quite a collection there!! I need to read some of these!! Never have! Your shelf looks great! Godd job!!

Hope all is well with you, sweetie!

Susan said...

You are far more organized than I am! What a find on CL, too. My Granny had bunches of GLH books, but when she had to move in with my uncle & aunt, they SOLD all her books. I never even knew till a few years later. I would have loved to take the GLH books - and a few others!

Vikki G said...

wow! What a collection~ Shelves look so beautifully organized...Reminds me that I need to get mine organized. I will have to look into this author.

Abounding Treasures said...

I love her books as well and you've got them so neatly organized!

Blessings to you Deby :o)

beverly said...

good morning deby what an job to sort so many. And what a terrific find on that box of 70. I agree with you that when reading her books you truly are not waisting your time. It is a joy to meet someone that enjoys her as much as I do. I did not read much in school, waisted those years. I found GLH and the early work of Janet Oke when I had felt drawn by God to get rid of TV many years ago and reciently to stop watching movies. Reading makes much more sence and is much more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

GLH is my favourite author - for all the reasons you have listed in your posts. :o) I had so many of her books and when I moved a few years ago I had to let them go, along with a lot of other books. I was so sad.

May I ask what 6 you are missing?

Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection. Do you re-read them?

I am reading 'Marcia Schuyler' now.

What is the title of #6?

HsKubes said...

What a beautiful set up!
I have never read one of her books but am now intrigued!
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, too, for your comment. I hope you are enjoying your class and I look forward to seeing what creations you sew up!

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

I love bookshelves filled with books! You've got quite a collection! Good job, Deby!

Have a blessed day,

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Looks good sistah.....You've been a busy beaver today...

Love Ya....

Linda said...

It always feels good to get organized. I just began to collect GLH books a little while ago. They are not easy to find, but I have enjoyed reading the few I have.

Persuaded said...

Some gals of lesser character might be envious of you.... yup, they might.

but not me. not one single bit! yup!

umm so... yeah....

Becky K. said...

What an impressive collection.

Very nice.
So many great tips and hints for homemakers in those pages.

Becky K.

Becky said...

What a darling way to display the books you love so dearly and treasure. Precious!

You have honored them and GLH would be so very pleased and honored, as well...I'm sure.



Becky said...

What a darling way to display the books you love so dearly and treasure. Precious!

You have honored them and GLH would be so very pleased and honored, as well...I'm sure.



Becky said...

OOPS....I didn't mean to post the same message twice (not fair for the giveaway) ~ I think I was just unfamiliar with the way your comment page worked and I was impatient or something.

So sorry.

But, hey, now you can count this one....tee, hee, tee, hee.

Have I mentioned how much I love books and aprons?

You're a sweetheart for doing this.

Congrats on your milestone....may you have many more.



Becky said...

OOPS, I did it again....and NO, I don't want to bring Britney to mind, but I did do it again ~ and didn't mean to.

Sorry about that....but I think I got the hang of it now.

You got me curious about GLH and I did some research. She was born in a town that I am familiar with (near to where some of my family lives)....it must have been a hard life back then....very cold and rural ~ not much there, but a somewhat charming town; probably more so in the Victorian era. Did I mention the cold ~ its in the mountains, and they get lots of snow!



Cathy said...

Now that's a lot of books you have read, Deby!

Myranda said...

You got a great deal for many hours of wholesome reading, that's for certain. :)