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Proverbs 25:11

Monday, June 1, 2009

a *Grace Livingingston Hill* find

I found this book, "Rainbow Cottage"
recently from a thrift shop.
It was $2.50.
It is hardbound, and a publish date of 1934.
I finally read it and enjoyed it so much.
WHAT, I like about her books is this,
when the characters in her book get saved,
there is a CHANGE in their LIFE, in many areas
She gives many examples of what happens when the
Lord takes ahold of their heart
I don't see that so much in books today.
I like some of her books better than others.
I am so encouraged by the way she weaves the gospel
into her stories and the way lives are CHANGED !!!
These are the last line from the book:
"Jesus may come to-day,
Glad day, glad day !"
Oh, that we would anticipate,
and live like today is our last day.
This book, written so long ago...
....we are even closer


Anonymous said...

Hi Deby~
What a great find! It's always such a treat to find something so wonderful tucked away in a thrift store.
hugs Sandra nz

Anonymous said...

oh and i wanted to add that I love your current profile pic of you. so lovely!
hugs Sandra nz

Mrs. Rabe said...

You are so right Deby!

I too like many of Grace Livingston Hill's books...I do like how she shows that the want to follow God, there is a difference in their life once they know Jesus!

Tracy said...

I love GLH's books! What a treasure you found! :)

Becky K. said...

I used to read every GLH book I could get my hands on. So many times I flash back to some household hint included in the story.

You are right...that will be a GLAD DAY! It is beyond our comprehension but we KNOW it will be wonderful!

Aliene said...

Oh, yes! GLH was the books I read as a teen ager. I have several.
I wonder how many teen agers would read them today?

Anonymous said...

I love finding original GLH books. And as you said there are some I've liked better than others. So far my favorite is still Honor Girl I think I have Rainbow Cottage but haven't read it yet.

Tobitha said...

I love books like that! I enjoy your blog and stop in occassionally. I have you listed under my favorite blogs.

I don't know if I have ever posted a comment but I thought I'd say hello today :)

Persuaded said...

i. am. jealous.

i hate to admit it, but there it is deby... that book cover is just adorable, and i'm sure it's a wonderful read as well☺

Linda said...

I found that same book at a library sale some time ago.
I agree - so sweetly, beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

Ah, GLH!! Crimson Roses is my favorite!! I once had an aquaintance that read the wordly romance novels...I bought the book Crimson Roses for her and a long stem rose and left it on her porch. She liked it and made a change!!

Thanks for sharing your treasure!

Pam said...

First off, I really like your new profile photo!

I read GLH constantly when I was a teen! On the way to church in the car, on the way home, sometimes her books went into church with me so that after service when my parents were chatting or in meetings, I could sneak off to a quiet corner of the church to read some more!

Maxine said...

Sounds like a treasure of a find. Never read this author, but I've heard many good things about her. Glad you enjoyed it.

jAne said...

What a sweet find you found, Deby! I love GLH books - haven't read one in eons though and I need to change that little factoid. :o)

jAne at tickleberryfarm.blogspot.com

Nancy said...

Thrift shops are so fun and when you find something like that makes it even more enjoyable.

BECKY said...

So true, so very true, my dear friend!! When Jesus comes in, the old things are gone!! We've lost the "meat" of the Word and as a church are being satisfied with the "milk". I love older Christian books and devotionals the best!! They surely didn't mince words!!

Hope you're feeling well, and that your cup is filled with JOY!!
Love 'n hugs,

Abounding Treasures said...

I love GLH books for the very same reasons!

I recently found an original one in my favourite thrift store and fortunately it was a new-to-me story :o)


HOPE said...

you have such a great way of finding wonderful used books...

I still enjoy my book from you!


J-ME said...

I love old books like this one, and always enjoyed GLH's books, though I haven't read any in many years. I think I read most of them! This certainly is a treasure!

momoflots said...

I think that may be one I haven't read yet. I was given a bag full of her books several years ago and have enjoyed them many time over - you can't read them and be discouraged!!

Becky said...

What a thrilling find ~ so happy for you....and LOVE the price!

Also LOVE that last line.

Agree with your statement, as well.

Bring in Your harvest, Lord Jesus, and come, Jesus, come.

Myranda said...

I haven't read GLH for ages... I've read many of her books and love them...

robert said...

Interesting. My mother (now with the Lord) was a reader of Grace Livingston Hill's books too. The quotation, "Jesus may come today, / Glad day, glad day!" is from a hymn written by Henry Ostrom. (He died 69 years ago today.) You can read more about him today on my blog, Wordwise Hymns. And you can see (and hear) the entire hymn on the Cyber Hymnal, here...