A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Friday, September 24, 2010

I am sorry--MORE added

This week we have had "Prayer Revival" at my church. It started during our Sunday School hour. So we have been preached too and exhorted for 7 separate times on the subject of "PRAYER". The Evangelist was Bro. Benny Beckum.
Last night I was so convicted in my heart that I have not prayed when I have told people that I would pray for them. I can't count the times I have read a blog and said"I will pray for you" and did not. I did not take it seriously enough. Sometimes I may have forgotten, other times, I just did not pray. You may have been one of these persons. You may be a friend, family or a stranger. It does not make a difference. I took this most precious, priviledge and command from God "flippantly".
Dear readers, I apologize to you for not praying for you when I said I would. I am sorry that I did not follow through with your request. I am sorry that I said something and then did not do it. My heart is heavy this morning when I think of all the times I could have done this and the missed opportunities to uphold you and yours in prayer. Please forgive me.
In the future I plan to blog with a notebook. I want to keep track of requests and answers. There is so much to this "praying mandate". I have to take this seriously, God does.
This apology is truly heartfelt. It was a struggle this morning to even sit down and type, yet, I knew the Lord spoke to me about it last night.
Love you all,

1 Timothy 2:1-3 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.
For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

***I debated on approving the comments. I did not want this to seem like I was calling attention to myself. The reason I approved them is there are many of us in this situation and ideas were given that I thought were beneficial for all to see. Thank you for your kind words and your forgiveness.


Rebecca said...

Oh my friend...we've all done this I'm afraid. But it takes someone like you, someone with a HEART OF GOLD to stand up and admit it...

We've all fallen short. I know I sure have. Thanks for the gentle reminder that when we pray for others we become the hands and feet of Jesus...

Wish I could have been with you in your revival...

Love to you~


Vi Abing said...

This is what works for me. When I say "I'll pray for you" to someone I stop right then (on the phone or in person) and send up a prayer immediately. Also, it helps me if I keep a prayer journal so I can remember who and when I prayed for them. Thank you for sharing - I believe we all are guilty of this at times, I know I am.

jAne said...

~*(~*( hug )*~)*~

precious deBy...
we've all been there
and are all guilty of this sin and are so thankful for His grace in responding to our need for correction.
i've come to the realization that if i say i'm going to pray for a situation, then as soon as i hit 'post' .. i pray before leaving their blog.

love you,

Becky K. said...

Thank you, so much, Deby. Your sensitivity and sincerity is a blessing.

Becky K.

Sharon said...

Deby, your sincerity and honesty is so touching because it is rarely seen anymore. I have done this at times too and finally got myself a notebook a couple of years ago to write the requests down and pray over them later, but what I have found that works even better for me is to pray right on the spot for the request and that is what I have been doing now.

Deborah said...

I know how easy it is to forget a promise to pray, so now when I tell a fellow blogger I will pray, I say a quick prayer right then, in case I don't remember later.
A notebook is a great idea!
Have a nice weekend.

Aliene said...

Aren't you glad when the Spirit speaks and convicts? I know I have been guilty of the same thing, but I try to pray as I go and through out the day I will remember someone and pray for that person then. I miss
some, I am sure. Just follow the leadership of the Spirit and I will try and do the same. Blessings on you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deby,
Just checking on you. I wrote a post about prayer this week too. Prayer has been on my mind and heart this week alot.
I pray you have a very blessed week end.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You are a blessing and encouragement to me Deby!

Anonymous said...

I think this is something we've *all* been guilty of, I know I have. Normally I try and pray right then regarding a prayer request the hard part for me comes from forgetting to pray later. Keeping a notebook is a good idea.

Tracy said...


I think we've all been in the same situation from time to time. Please don't beat yourself up over this. I'm not making light, or excusing your mistakes, because I do know it's serious, but remember that Jesus paid for it all. You've repented, and now it's time to move forward. Praise God for grace!


Abounding Treasures said...

Thanks for sharing your heart!

I also try to pray for the person and their family when I am at their blog but keeping a notebook would be an excellent help :o)

Suze said...

I've done it too - so to keep it from happening, I often stop right then and there and pray for the request/person. It is a good idea to keep a list - that way you can't forget people, and, when prayer is answered - to record that.

Trudy said...

Wow... This hit home for me, I like the idea of keeping a prayer journal, Thanks Ladies!