A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

have you ever?

This is across the Sound in a area some of my family lives.
My son in love, Mark took this picture of the
"Ferry at Sunset"
Have you ever gone on a ferry ? I really do enjoy it.
We have seen so many beautiful sights, it is a leisurely thing to do.
In our neck of the woods, MANY people do this everyday to get back and forth to work.
I don't think they see this as a *getaway*
If you ever can, I recommend this form of transportation.
Take a cuppa your favorite, be it tea or coffee...then....
RELAX...and enjoy the beauty God, not mother nature has created.
I included this image of the Ferry close-up....just in case you have never been in our area


jAne said...

i've never been on a ferry. nor have i ever visited your area. i'd like to do both - someday. thank you for the suggestion of bringing coffee along for the experience. i'll keep that in mind. :o)


theshepherdshouse said...

Good morning, Deby!

I love ferries! It really is such a fun & relaxing way to travel. However, when my husband was a bi-vocational pastor of a church on Whidbey Island for a couple of years and we commuted by ferry back and forth twice a week, after a while it did become rather routine, especially with all the waiting in ferry traffic! I love every chance for a ferry ride now.

Sweet blessings on your day,

Sabine said...

I loved going on ferries. I would bring my knitting or crocheting so I could enjoy the view. Otherwise, it was so relaxing that I would have probably fallen asleep!

I live inland now, so no more ferries.

Susan said...

I love to take the ferry, but the BC Ferries are SO expensive, even as a foot passenger, that we don't do it often. Wes and I go on the shorter ride available as a date sometimes.

~Miss Sandra~ said...

Hi Sweet Deby~
It was so nice to see you visit me! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you were encouraged.

I have been on a ferry before with family car in tow. Just this weekend past I was treated to a trip on a paddle steamer as an early (shhh.... dare I say it out loud? ..... 50th birthday) with all my family (including my parents and children).

Sending hugs and blessings to you Deby,
Love Sandra nz

HOPE said...

Deby...I keep telling my husband..LORD willing if we get to settle in Washington State..I'm taking the ferry atleast ONCE a month..for Pleasure!!!

It was awesome. We took the ferry twice on visits..to the San Juan Islands..Friday Harbour and one on Port Townsend. A really neat drive through animal park there.

It was so relaxing...and the scenery beautiful!

Maybe again one day..

Susan B said...

My husband and I took a ferry out of Port Angeles to Victoria, BC last summer. It was a lot of fun...it's always lovely to be out on the water.

Vi Abing said...

I love riding the ferry, like you said it is a real treat, we try to
go once a year just for the fun of the ride. Do you remember our associate paster Roger Crowe? He got married on the ferry and he used it as a great illustration on how God's love connects us together.

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

I love ferry rides. I took my first one in Sydney, Australia :). Your "neck of the woods" is so lovely. Hoping you are feeling a bit better these days.