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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Carols ?

Seen yesterday at my local Costco.
When I think about it..Christmas is just around the corner.
........I want to enjoy Autumn first though...
I have been giving some thought on starting a shopping list.
Looking for some little things....
no FaLaLaLaLa...yet for me.
but before you know it,
my TREE will be up...and the Carols will be playing.
Truth is, I start the Christmas Carols pretty early.
Do any of you?


Anonymous said...

I was at Michaels today and enjoying looking at all the Autumn decorations. I need to pull mine out and start decorating because before I know it the Christmas season will be upon us.

Barbara said...

Oh me it is getting close, it will be here in no time, hugs Barbara

Anonymous said...


You're already thinking about Christmas? Wow! I think it's too soon for me to think about that right now.

By the way, I love your new blog background. It's lovely. I like the Autumn theme. :)

-Lady Rose

BittersweetPunkin said...

I go to Costco once a week too...and yes...there are Halloween costumes and Christmas ornaments...hahaha.

A little too early for Christmas for me. :)

Tracy said...

It's a bit too early for me, but I do love Christmas carols. Due to our family situation, Christmas was very somber last year. I hope to make it different this year.

You made my day with your comment about my up-close photos, Deby! Macro photography is my favorite!