A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this genre

Something light hearted........I know you all aren't living in my computer.
...but sometimes, when I am homebound, it feels like it.
What is wonderful about this genre is that, you can have comraderie
with those you have never met in person. You can feel their love and prayers
and EVEN if we never meet, this side of Heaven, I think I will know many of
you when we meet in Heaven one day. Isn't that GREAT !!!!
I appreciate you...your prayers , your love and your comments.
I have not done much blogging--a bit of percocet *brain fog* and pain melt downs
I hope to start visiting your blogs ASAP and get back to commenting--I know Blogging
is a TWO way street....just a little loopy here now and then etc....


HOPE said...

Cute pic Deby!

You just take care and don't worry...we are still here! and thinking about you with prayers of healing.

Enjoy the quiet times with the LORD and you'll have some wonderful things to share.



BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Deby!! Praying for you daily Gal, that God will meet all of your needs according to His riches in glory!! He is faithful and He will do it!! While He is at work, may He cause your pain to subside, and bring some unexpected joy to your heart! We'll be here when you get back, don't worry!! We so appreciate YOU being in our computer, too!! :o)

Love ya!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Hey Deby,

Sometimes I feel loopy without being on percocet!

Have a wonderful day!

Heart2Heart said...


Just loving the fact of knowing that you're reading our comments and knowing that in time, you'll be back once more.

"How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!"

Psalm 133:1

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Pam said...

Just blog when you can, we'll be here "in your computer"!!!

Maxine said...

So cute and there is a sense that we're right here in your computer. Don't worry, we'll see you when you're up to it.

Vikki G said...

Brain fog...I can totally relate and it's not because of percocet!haha So don't be discouraged . You have many praying for you~ Try to rest and recuperate.

michelle said...

I think of my friends being in this little box and I love them all. huggles!

Cathy said...

Cute and sweet, Deby ~
Goodness, don't worry about visiting when you are recuperating. Glad you are feeling better.
Love and Hugs,

jAne said...

I'm not fond of percocet (had nightmares while on that) but I *am* fond of you, dear friend.

Hugs and blessings,

p.s. wish I could pop over and sit with you for a bit.

Susan B said...

Dear Deby,
Don't worry about blogging or comments...just do it when you feel like it. Rest as much as you can so you can start healing. God bless you, praying for you. Take care friend.

(The cartoon is so cute!)

Abounding Treasures said...

Don't worry about not commenting or blogging Deby -- we're still here and praying for your recovery!

Take it easy and rest ...

Diana said...

I hope you are feeling much stronger by now.


Lallee said...

Deby, I haven't been able to get by much but you have been in my prayers....knowing that you had surgery. I hope you are feeling better every day!
Hugs and blessings,
PS Love the pink kitchen!

Tori said...

I can totally relate Deby. I have the will to Blog but not always the discipline to make it happen. I've been gone for a while too, but I'm back.

Take care of yourself!

Sharon said...

I hope to be back in the loop again! I have missed everyone so much, but sometimes life leaves us without many spare moments. I feel the same about my blogging friends.