A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, August 17, 2009

A blessing from my Cousin

Through the internet, I have been able to
connect with a cousin of mine on the east coast.
Her name is Cheryle.
It has been SHEER JOY to get
to know her.
To find so many family similiarities,
to catch up on WAAAAY to many years.
A time ago...
I received a huge box from Cheryle.
They are things that were my grandmothers
They are priceless to me
A page from my grandmother's autograph book.
Click to see a larger view.
My grandmother was a Christian
This book is from the early 1920's
Another page
My grandmothers old Bible
She even made a new cover for it.
It is WORN out
A newer Bible of hers....her small Bible
the autograph book...and a picture of my grandmother.
I am looking forward to the reunion in Heaven.
I know you read my blog...
This means more to me than you will EVER known.
Love to you and your mom for doing this.


Heidi Pocketbook said...

What a sweet package your cousin sent. It looks like you treasure special family things like I do.

jeanne said...

Hi Deby, I love your wonderful treasures from your grandmother. Your cousin was so thoughtful to do this for yoy. How lucky to be in touch with her now.

I just wanted to tell that I will be praying for s successful outcome on your surgery today. I came over from Becky's post. Best healing wishes to you Deby.


BECKY said...

Hi Deb', I'm not sure why but this post just made me flood with tears. It delighted my soul to read what your grandmother's friends said, and to see her well-worn Bible. May our lives yield a tattered Bible and a legacy of godliness that leaves behind a most fragrant aroma of Christ to those who come after us.

Big Hugs and love,

Vikki G said...

what an unbelievable priceless legacy you have! Your grandmother's journal...as I clicked on and was able to read what she wrote...my goodness what faith! A true woman of God..You are blessed.

Aliene said...

Deby, I love your treasures. They hold a special place in your heart, I know. I love to find things from the past also, but not everyone leaves treasues for the future generations.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Wow...what a Sweet cousin....sure wish I had a cousin like that...Oh wait...I do!!!! You just won't share her....lol...

Love Ya Sis.....

Heart2Heart said...


What a wonderful package to show up for you today! See God is watching over you! What a wonderful book, the autograph one, so beautiful and what timeless treasures you have just received.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Abounding Treasures said...

These are special treasures indeed Deby ~ I would love to discover or have someone send me something like this ...

Rebecca. Harlan, IN said...

I'm new to you :) Scrolling down I see that you are recovering from surgery. I also see the WONDERFUL items that belonged to your grandmother. What a heritage to have the truth of old hymns, Scripture & a used Bible to remind you of her faith and past prayers prayed for you being answered in the present.