A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clever ideas

I have googled--have searched
and found all these
To inspire you--
or me
To think outside of the box
Maybe to make a few things yourself
or maybe
Just enjoy these pictures
Such cute and clever ideas
You can find so many ideas
when you look
~~~Hope you have enjoyed the pictures~~


Pam--in Estonia said...

Very creative indeed. Are you going to give any of these a try?

BECKY said...

These are really cute ideas!! I think my faves are the little denim pocket and the rick rack Christmas garland!! You are going to have me making these Yo Yos too! I already looked at the fabric in WalMart two days ago to see what appealed to me for making yoyos!!

Deb what day is your surgery?
I'm prayin' gal!!
Have a blessed day,

Becky K. said...

I will enjoy the pictures. We haven't tried the rag swag yet...

Very fun stuff you are coming up with from your chair!

Becky K.

JD said...

Hi Deby, Took a quick peek at your blog this morning, Lovely place to visit...I will be back. I like all these ideas with the yo-yos
when my MIL passed away she left a bag with a lot ot these in it that she made, I wanted to do something with them,to complete a project.. AS a memory to her...thank you for sharing these ideas...

Sandy said...

Hi Deby,
Those are adorable ideas! Hope you have a great day!

Heart2Heart said...


Oh my what amazing and creative ideas! I can't wait to see just you come up with to do with all your yoyo's!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Susan said...

So many ideas! I think the purse is so cute!

Maxine said...

How cute and creative. I am constantly in awe of what people can come up with.

Cathy said...

I did enjoy those pretty pictures, Deby. You have some creative ideas going on. Hope you are feeling better.

Liz said...

Hi Deby, I'm here because of Becky! Nice to meet you. Love your yoyo project ideas! Darling!

I'll say a little prayer for your surgery tomorrow.

Have a nice Sunday evening!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I LOVE yo-yo's. I have a can full of some I have made and a box full of circles that are 'ready' to be made. I just cut out an apron and I'm going to make a yo-yo pocket for it. It will be a first.
I have always wanted to make a quilt with different size yo-yo's. But maybe I just need to make a pillowcase.......or a doily.....or maybe a pot holder. I seem to be able to finish pot holders!