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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What I am reading

Besides reading my King James Bible
I recently picked up this book.
My post in November was on "What is a Prayer Warrior"
There were so many good and helpful comments.
The thought has stayed in my mind for months.
I have much to learn in this area
when I found this book at 1/2 Price Books
I thought, "thank you Lord"
Now if you are looking for this
Go here, right now it is only $7.99
(less than I paid)

This book was given to me by Kristi , my DIL
I am loving it and have many things
marked with my red pen, do any of you do that?
I am doing that with the E.M. Bounds book as well
It helps me to find things that spoke to me when I want to review.
So what are you reading?
Feel free to share.


jane said...

I read Amy Carmichael's bio and was brought to a closer walk with Christ as a result. Excellent.

The next bio I'll read is of Fanny Crosby.

Ma Kettle said...

Oh good post...I love the biographies. We have many Heroes of faith books and I love them all.

I am reading raising chicks in the backyard, and History of Christianity...

But I am studying and reading His word. This time through I am near the end as I am in Revelation 6.


Tori said...

Looks like some good reading!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I am reading SHAPING HISTORY Through Prayer and Fasting by Derek Prince. Being involved with the wee beginnings of a 24 hour House of Prayer we are all saturating ourselves further on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I highlight everything I enjoy (my Bible is like a rainbow of colours)...except library books ;)

I'm reading Christy, Morning and Evening (Spurgeon) and Ephesians right now.


Pam said...

YUMMY! Good books! My dad who is a pastor, has often referred church members to the works of E.M. Bounds. I LOVE Amy Charmichael.Her life, testimony, and even her femine name! I'm reading the biography og Peter Marshall which was written by his wife,Catherine. He was Scottish preacher who served as senate chaplain for many years in D.C. I'm also reading the 2nd book in a homeschooling series by Charlotte Mason called "Parents and Children", but God's Word is first priority.

A Note From Theresa said...

Well... I'm not reading a book but I am reading about Hymns. Seeing how I'm doing posts on Hymns on my blog I have been reading a lot about them. Does this count? lol I'll be looking for the Amy Carmichael book.

Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

My book club is reading The Shack by William Young. I have already read it but am reading it again as it encourages having a relationship with God instead of just going through the "rituals" of religion.

Mary Isabella said...

I think I would like to read that book...Mary

I am truly blessed said...

Hi Deb. I have tons more of the bios. You are wecome to borrow any you want

HOPE said...

Right now...only time for my BIBLE..
but I am also reading my Church History text book for my DH's class I attend! (does this count ;)
we have TEST every other week!

Deborah said...

And another missed blog...oh to have time to read a book...it's been so long!

Sharon said...

I've read the E.M. Bounds book and you will love it!