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Proverbs 25:11

Friday, October 22, 2010

family and flavors

We are having a wonderful time spending time with our son and family.
and yessss....this includes meeting our new granddaughter.
Oh my...she is so adorable.
Her mom,Gina is such a great mom and you can tell
that this little girl has sure won her dad's heart !!
It is a blessing to see THEM with this little bundle they
love so much. We are so thankful !!!
Our son owns this coffee maker.
Well, it does Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate
So many flavors,
We think is is fun to use.
Do you have one?


Sydney said...

That's so awesome that you get to spend time with your grand daughter!!!
And I wish I had a coffee maker that cool, but I'll stick to the good old stove, pot, and hot water. My main dish is tea though...

Deborah said...

Hi Deby!
Nice to hear you're having fun!
I have a Keurig and I LOVE it!
Its great and saves money and is so tasty!
My favourite coffee is the TIMOTHYS Columbian...mmmmm good!
Enjoy your time with your sweet family!

Deborah xo

Abounding Treasures said...

How wonderful to spend time with loved ones!

Blessings to each of you ...

Mrs. C said...

I have wanted one for a couple of years, and I finally purchased one at Kohl's recently. We LOVE it! I bought the one with the largest reservoir, and with discounts and coupons saved $100.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet time for you, Deby!

I have seen those coffee makers advertised ~ looks like it would be wonderful for hospitality!

Sweet blessings on your day,

Sarah said...

Ahhhh... the beloved Keurig! I could go on and on about how awesome they are and I don't even drink coffee, lol! But seriously- we LOVE ours and have for the 2 or 3 years we've had it. My husband uses it daily and I love it when I have company. I do drink tea and it's nice that they make pods for tea drinkers as well. They even make hot chocolate pods! But, if you don;t have another water dispenser, it can dispense hot water for you as well.
Bottom line: get one. You will LOVE it!

HOPE said...

I don't own one..but have been drooling over it when I see it in the store!! LOL

I do like my coffee...and my Tea.


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Nope, I don't have one, but my daughter does...she loves it.

Your new little sweetheart is ADORABLE....what a lucky girlie you are. Now, that's one darling little family.


Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have USED one of those coffee gizmos, but do not own one. It wouldn't work here.....I drink way more than ONE cup of coffee in the morning. I DO like fun coffee things except for instant coffee out of a jar.