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Proverbs 25:11

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grace Livingston Hill Giveaway

I have TWO copies of these books
SO I am going to give them to you,my blog friends.
What you need to do is this:
COMMENT on this post
WHY you would want to win one of these books.
That is it--
I will randomly draw 2 names on Saturday.
Valentines Day
Please make sure I have a way to contact you in your comments
Can I also say, I don't really care for the more modern
pictures they put on their covers of these books.
I do not find them in keeping with GLH's
sense of modesty and right living as a Christian.
I, with Grace am very conservative on things like this.


Shari said...

I would love to win one of these books because I need a new book to read. I just finished one today.

slfunk3763 at hotmail dot com

Susan said...

I'd love to win them because GLH books bring back memories for me. My Granny had tons of her books, and I read all of them as a young girl. I loved them, but I can hardly find any of them anymore. Neat giveaway!

Linda said...

I am a newcomer to GLH and have found I really enjoy her books. I found three old ones at a library sale, and the covers are quite different on the older books!
I would love to be entered Deby.
Thank you so much.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Deby....I just wanted to comment on your friend Rose's cape...that is lovely and very resourceful of her!!

I hope you are staying warm...

Anonymous said...

I agree, I don't like all the modern covers books are adopting these days. Like Bevery Cleary's, "Henry Huggins," then there are Beverly Lewis' book!! I posted on this a few months ago!!

I have not read these titles but have read quite a few of GLH books. So I would love to add these to my collection!

The best one for Valentines is, "Crimson Roses!"

lady jane said...

Just stopping by to say hello and hope the winner will enjoy these books by GLH. I have a stack of books to finish this year so am not entering the giveaway.

Bless you,

Anonymous said...

I would love to win these books, Deby. I do have a copy of 'April Gold' but it is in very poor condition. I only have a handful of GLH books so far, but 'April Gold' is my favourite.

I agree about the modern covers ("modern" being a relative term, as they are on the "vintage" side already). The covers seem to have nothing to do with the stories and it is a bit embarassing to take some of them out in public as they give the impression of a steamy romance. Unless they are being kept as collector's items, I guess they could be covered with pretty contact paper or fabric. I think I'll do that to some of mine.

Rebekah said...

I love Grace Livingston Hill books!
I have recently discovered how much, My fav. one is the Beloved Stranger~ I've never read these before,sooo I'd love to win one!!!


God's Been Good said...

April Gold is one my favorite book!
So I really would want to win!


Candy-Faith said...

Hi Deby :)
I dont often enter giveaways because if I dont really love something, I would rather someone who really wants it, to win it.
However, this one I want to enter for a couple reasons...
I love to read.
I have never read a book like this before. Nor have I read anything by this author. By the looks of the pictures on the books, they look like love stories. and I know my Mom loves Christian love stories and when she visits us I can have something here for her to read. Plus I would read it too, especially in the cold hockey arenas where I spend a lot of my life these days LOL

Maxine said...

That's interesting what you said about the covers. I hearily agree with you. But I'd like to have one to give to my older daughter. She likes reading these novels.

Susan B said...

Dear Deby,
Thank you for the lovely give away. I have been wanting to read "April Gold," but haven't found the book yet. Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you again!

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

What a nice Valentine's giveaway. I'd love to be entered.


Aliene said...

Ilove GLH Books. Read them as a teen ager. Remember going to the town library and checking them out.
Sometimes had to wait my turn for a certain one to be returned. I don't like the new covers but the books are good. Cosy up by the fireplace in the winter and read
her book would be relaxing right now. Siliene@aol.com

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

I'm new here, but I love to read and have no access to Christian books in English unless I want to pay a trillion dollars for them in some specialty store two hours from my house. I like your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

When my mother was living, she loved reading Grace Livingston Hill books and she loaned them to me,too. I noticed from your bio that you have fibromyalgia, my daughter suffers with it while she is raising two teenage daughters.

Happy Valentines' Day.

BECKY said...

Hi Sweet Deby!!
I would like to win one because I have never read anything by her, but have heard so much about her from different people. I usually read books that just encourage me spiritually or teach truths in a straightforward fashion, rather than a story. This would be a nice switch!!

I also just want to say thank you for being such an encouraging, thoughtful bloggy friend!! :o)

Happy Valentine's Day, and have a great weekend!!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

I cannot pass up a chance to win...I love GLH....I need to get back into to reading her. You've motivated me.


La Tea Dah said...

Hi Deby,

I would enjoy being entered in your drawing. The reason? I haven't read any books by GLH but have heard great things about her and her writing!

Happy Valentine's Day!