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Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This time of year

I was talking to a friend today and it was so funny
as we both like this time of year for all the school
supplies that are out there, and at some good prices
if you watch the ads.

This section in a store tends to be one of my favorites
--the Paper section, notebooks, pens, marker, oh
I love this stuff.
CRAYONS...always a prized posession...especially
the 64 box of Crayons.
But look Below:

When I saw this on the crayola site I couldn't believe it !!!
Oh would I have fun with these...
Do you like coloring in coloring books...I do, but have a pet peeve:
IF you are going to color a page in my book you MUST
FINISH the page...and sign your name and date !!!
My favorite books are those with women, flowers or stuff
like that...not big on coloring animals for some reason.
~~~YEP...love when the school supplies come out
even if it is just to browse....


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those are some wild crayola's! Me likes! LOL! Oh boy I love notebooks! Don't know why but I do!

Tiffany said...

I love crafty stuff!!! So many colors so many projects that could be made.


I love to color in coloring books. I like the same kind of pictures as you. Wow! 150 crayons in one package. I need to replace mine. They have gone through many a Grandchild. Have a great day, Deby and fun with your crayons. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Oh, the fun I would have had with a crayon bonanza like that! I would have outlined everything first and then neatly filled in the spaces. Animals are boring to color; would you like brown or black or maybe grey? LOL. However, sometimes they are useful to trace and applique on quilt blocks. Then a blue dog or a pink kitten looks quite adorable.

Connie said...

Ohmygosh, that reminds me of my coloring box and what I color, my apple chickadee! I'll make a post of it soon. I love coloring and I color adult books. Nuuuuuuuu, not the kind brought to mind when we now say adult, but books for grown-ups. Isn't it sad how we have to watch our "general" language now?!?! *Sigh*.........
Smoochies, my sweet lady,

Anonymous said...

hi Deby,
Oh let me loose in a stationery/craft store!! I haven't seen the Telescoping Crayon Tower before. My girls just love anything to do with art/craft/drawing etc. My dream oneday (hence my blog title watercolourdreams) I want to be able to do beautiful water colour paintings like Beatrix Potter did.
bless you,
Sandra in NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Deby,
I love school supplies. I just brought a few new pens and notebooks for journals. Miss candi said tell chole hello.Stop by sometimes. I have missed hearing from you.


Hi Deby,
I also enjoy coloring and so does my Granddaughter. She is 5 and trys her best. I remember that I
used to sign my name too.:) Does that age one?? Warmly, Deb

Anonymous said...

Ooh, those crayons look cool! I love to color so much...And I do like to color animals. (o;

Anonymous said...


This is a budding artist dream! I too enjoy shopping for school supplies. I think I get more enjoyment that the kids do, he,he,:)



Deborah said...

Hi Deby,
I have to say I have always liked to color. and yes you must finish and document it....but alas i have a grandaughter who hates to color. I can't believe it! she is very creative. She draws and paints and loves to craft but can not stand to color. Hugs Deborah

Sarah Joy said...

Deby, when we are at a resaurant, (Not when visiting pastors on deputation!) my husband and I both color the coloring pages with the kids! Sometimes the waitress brings us our own when they see that we are not just doing it to entertain the kids, but to have fun.

Arlene said...

Nice post..! Well, I love school supplies shopping.

Mimi said...

I am a telephone doodler....
I love to doodle and color when I am talking on the telephone...

LadyLydiaSpeaks said...

Deby, I agree with you--adults ought to enjoy all the new supplies coming out this time of year. I like crayons but I think they do not smell the same these days, because maybe they don't have the same oils in them. They also do not come arranged in the graduated colors, so I always get a child to rearrange them for me with all the pinks, blues, yellows, greens and metallics in the same sections. I also like to recover anything in my own papers so that it matches my decor. Dover Coloring books are great, if you can find them at book stores, and what a great idea to finish the page and sign your name. This will be a great activity at my house, to always have a book and crayons available for anyone who comes. Coloring is so soothing and reduces the blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

Crayons ~ what a very simple pleasure!!I too like seeing the school supplies in the stores! It is the perfect time to stock up for necessary items for the year as they are so inexpensive now!

Have a lovely day,


lady jane said...

I'm one who l.o.v.e.s. to visit the school supply sections of stores. :oD

I haven't colored in eons.

Deborah said...

hey there's another deborah!
I haven't had a chance to go look at all the school supplies yet, but I love them too. I'm not much for coloring, but my daughter in law loves to color!

Dawn said...

I like the school supply section in stores too. Don't know why.
I am an avid gel pen collector and stationary / sticker collector so I am always snooping around in stores seeing if there is anything I can't live without *wink*

Now when I am in a Hobby Lobby or a Michael's, that it's..hide the credit cards...lol. I can live in those places, well them and Mardel and LifeWay but that's another story.

Bless you,

Pam said...

I KNOW! I really have to hold my self back this time of year. I want to buy and buy and buy, even though I still have loads of supplies at home. Being that we homeschool, I keep lots of goodies on hand!

Judi said...

Hi. At Christmas, there's always a coloring book and crayons in someone's stocking -- usually a Peanuts coloring book. We then get everyone in the family to color a page, and that person must sign and date their page! It's a fun, calming activity after all of the holiday hoopla.

Unfortunately, "experts" don't always see coloring in a positive light. A few years ago, I worked as an aide in an adult day care. Many of the adults had mental and/or physical disabilities. We did arts and crafts each day, and one activity these adults loved was coloring in coloring books. I was adding coloring to the crafts time a couple of afternoons a week, and it was a time I could count on all of the participants being very satisfied with their efforts. They LOVED to color!

But, some "expert" in the company hierarchy declared that coloring was not an appropriate activity. Coloring was declared to be demeaning to the participants. We were told that letting the participants color with Crayons gave the impression that we didn't think they were capable of anything more advanced.

I had to cut coloring from the weekly arts sessions, and believe me, I had some very unhappy people to deal with! Many of them did not have the physical skills to cut with scissors, handle the glue bottles, etc., and they wound up being very frustrated with such activities. But, they could color, and they took great pride in what they produced with a crayon.

It seemed a shame to remove an activity that seemed to give the participants a positive feeling, and replace it with crafts that left them cranky and frustrated with their efforts.

Maxine said...

We always love this time of year, too, Deby. Ever since I was a girl I have loved back to school time. And crayons are one of the happy things of life. You have some really good posts over here! I love coming when I can, but sometimes it's a week before I can go see my friends. But it cheers up my life when I do get to come!