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Proverbs 25:11

Friday, July 18, 2008

Quirky Meme

I have been tagged by I *think* about 5-6 friends
to do this meme. I keep forgetting and then I get re-tagged
so here goes. PLEASE Forgive me for not mentioning
all of your names. I know I am taking the easy way out
vs. doing all those hyper links and at the risk of forgetting

1. I hate being late, I would rather not go to something than be late
2. Drives me crazy when people abuse the express line at stores, my husband
looks at me and sees me counting peoples' things and just laughs.
3. I can crave vinegary type things, pickles, I drink pickle juice
or make salad dressing from it....yummmm
4. When I drive,getting on or of the freeway on ramps etc..I have to turn off
the radio/CD player.
5. I get my feelings hurt to easily,I am working on this as I don't feel it
is scriptural. Need to mature more in this area.
6. I am a "picker", this is said from my grandson, Noah..when asked. What it means
is if I get a bite or sore...etc..I won't leave it alone to heal. Gross, huh?
7. Beauty school dropout....almost finished but quit. Couldn't stand women smoking
when I was doing their hair, mixed with the smell of Aqua Net Hairspray ( I am
dating myself I know).
8. I read fast when in a book...and also will sometimes read the last chapter
before I finish the book...I will still read it but can't wait for the ending
and want to know everything worked out okay.....
9. I am hard to surprise.
10. I love comments....like ALL of you do !!!!
11. I am taking this from PEN of JEN's....STILL madly in love with my husband
almost 37 years....
NOW..this was supposed to be 6 quirky things about me..but since it took me so long, I made it 11 and I will pass it on to ALLLLL of you that are reading this,Please let me know if you do it so I can get back and read yours...



HOPE said...

OH ME OH MY...I can't believe how much alike we are!

I however am not a Aqua Net Drop out..still use the stuff! ;)

funny...thanks for sharing your meme!

Pen of Jen said...

Oh to add to this is good! I liked the ten, but I am #1 obsessively. I dread being late and know that in my life I have been late less than 5 times for anything(to include all my children being born early..lol)

Great to know that you are in love with your sweetie too....makes life great doesn't it?

Tori said...

Oh those were very fun to read. I can relate to #s 1 especially 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10. Hey you really are quirky!

Anonymous said...

I do #8 too. (o;

Sharon said...

I'm #1 and #4. :)

Glad to know more about you!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I often read the last chapter of a book, too. Even mystery books. It drives my husband batty.

lady jane said...

I have to narrow it down to SIX quirky things? Hm. That'll take some time to analyze. Oh. That's one. hA!

btw, I green with envy for your pInK BluEtOotH. Mine's charcoal colored.

Susan said...

Oh, I read books quickly and read the last page before I get there! LOL My husband says I cheat, but sometimes I just can't wait to see what happens.

Happymama said...

Those were fun to read.

Concerning books...I won't read a book if I don't like the title. The way I figure it, if the author can't come up with a good title, he/she probably can't come up with a good story. LOL


Maxine said...

Some of these were sort of amusing, Deby. But then we all have funny things about us.

Mary Isabella said...

Love it!!!!

Jungle Mom said...

I have not been commenting much lately due to being so busy with our move. But this was fun to read and I do try and get by here a couple of times a week even if I can not comment.

Julie Fink said...

Oh, I loved reading these!

Mimi said...

I love # 4...
when my girls were little...I would not allow them to talk when I was trying to find my turn off...or if the traffic got busy...

thought I was the only kooky one

Anonymous said...

hi Deby,
Ha ha, wow so you put 11. That's wonderful. Wish I had thought of it. So glad you decied to allow yourself to be tagged. No 6??? I relate!!!!
hugs Sandra in NZ