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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crayons ..information,can't resist **added new link

I had to check out those crayons I posted yesterday.
you know..the ones underneath this post.
Well at Target they are almost $15.00 for 150 Crayons
RIGHT NOW...they have the ones posted above
at TARGET on sale $5.00. They come in a Cigar Type BOX
I had to share that with you as I thought that was a great
deal. So this blogger *moi* spent her $5.00 instead of the almost
$15.00 and will be happy with 30 less crayons.
ALSO....this box said the colors were all different
the set of 150 does not make that statement.
ALSO want to color ???? click:


Dawn said...

Oooo I love crayons! Of course I have no use for them, but crayons always take me back to my childhood days and simpler times.

I know there is a crayon factory somewhere. I hear it's a fun place to visit. Hmmm...I want to go see it now! That and the Yankee Candle Co. :-)

God Bless,

Tracy said...

I just love crayons and coloring! Thankfully, I still have daughters at home who love for me to sit with them and work on a coloring book!

J-ME said...

I love crayons! The colors, the names... Like you, the stationary section of stores is my favorite place to browse. There are so many fun things there.

Connie said...

I think that's a great deal!! I'm going tomorrow to get some, sweetpea! I love coloring.......

Anonymous said...

Dear Deby,

On my next trip to town, I am stopping by Walmart and purchasing crayons, coloring books, eraser, sketchpad...

I am definately hooked!


Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! I just found some really neat coloring books that I posted about on my blog.

Thanks for the Beatrix Potter coloring sheets link. (o:

Tori said...

Thanks for the tip!
I love Crayola! Before school starts Wal-mart has them really cheap. They have the 32 count box for 10 cents, or at least they did last year.

Thanks for the tip and link!

Cathy said...

lol, Deby, I can't believe all these ladies who love to color. Guess I'm just not artistic in that way. Sounds like a great deal though. My grandson would probably like some. He loves to paint.

Donna said...

I've often thought I would love the job of naming crayons. I think I'm off to Target now! LOL!

JennyB said...

Hey Deby,

It is so fun to find other passionate colorers out there! Thanks for your comment and connecting me to your cite!

Kristi said...

I love coloring also; it is one of the things that I do to wind down occasionally. I have some copies of a coloring book with women (and a few men) dressed in period clothing. I believe that most of them range in the mid-1800s and it is inspiring to plan up the colorful wardrobes for these ladies. I wish I could find the original book!!! These pages are more suited to colored pencils though because of the precision and detail required. I have a Care Bears book that my daughter (4) and I share during my young son's nap which is great for crayons.