A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tea party or coffee, come over

I don't usually post on Sunday. I am today I am home with this cough that sounds like I have deep furballs.
So...I listenened to a couple sermons on line.
Hence this post--------

IF I could I would invite you all over right now for a tea or coffee party. We would sit with our Bibles in our laps and sip as we would listen to this:

"God is still running things"

Oh we would all be encouraged, not just me right now. We would get our focus back. I think we would be praying and maybe even shouting "amen" as that is what I did in my recliner just a bit ago with my coffee,by myself...dog looking on bewildered.

Since I can't do that. Can I encourage you, TAKE a BREAK...to here...go to 11/23/08....title
"God is still running things" get out your Bible..or just listen. Have a cup of your favorite tea, coffee, or even your bottle of water. Prepare yourself. You will look at things differently. You will be blessed, you will be encouraged. It is worth your time. It is for ALL of us. I am convinced.
I just had to share this with you my dear blog friends and family.



Anonymous said...

I'm off to do some exercises and then I will take a break and listen to the sermon. I hope (and will pray) that you will feel much better very soon.

Deborah said...

I didn't have time yet to listen to a message, but I looked at the website...what a ministry! the really do have a place for everyone there!

Connie said...

You've changed your template, sweetpea!!!

I agree. The Lord is still running things here on earth, no matter who THINKS they are, honey!!!!


BECKY said...

Thanks for thinking of your blogging buddies, Deby!!I will listen to it this week, and I'll let you know when I do!! You're a sweetie...I would love to come over for some coffee and quality conversation!! :o)

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are not well. Thank you for sharing that message. It would be fun to get together for coffee or tea and listen together as a big group if possible. I have lots of tea pots and cups!!! Take care. I had a chance earlier in the day to read about your brother. I especially love the picture of you two. Very special.

Anonymous said...

Deby~thanks for sharing the website. I not only listened to the sermon, I bookmarked the site.

Carrie said...

I pray you get rid of your "furballs" soon. = )
Love & Prayers

Shari said...

I didn't get to go to church yesterday so I am going to listen to this in a few minutes. I can't wait to hear it! Have a blessed week!

Pam said...

I can't wait to listen! Like the new look on your blog.

GraceFromHim said...

I am going to have to come back and listen to that :) Hope you are feeling better! I still after 3 weeks...am struggling with this cough . I'm tired of this silly mucus monster!