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Proverbs 25:11

Monday, January 26, 2009

squirrely girl

I thought this picture was so FUNNY.
One of the first things I noticed when we came to check out
our *new to us* home was a Squirrel on the back fence.
I probably would have wanted the house just for that reason.
I love watching their antics, don't you.
I know some can be a pain, yet some are so docile.
I am looking forward to the weather warming up so
I can make friends with my new yard buddies.
Do you have any squirrel stories ?


Mildred said...

We enjoy watching the squirrels jumping from tree to tree in the woods. Over the weekend, our neighbor told us he had a "Squirrel Man" coming over because he has squirrels in his attic. I guess I am silly, but I just envision a man with a squirrel head driving up in a truck!!!!! I hope you'll have chipmunks to visit too. We once had one so tame, he had a tiny little water bowl on the deck that he would drink from! Hope you feel better today Deby.

Michele said...

I've always enjoyed watching the squirrels in our yard too. My dogs *especially* like to watch them. (o; If you just say the word 'squirrel' they run to the window to bark at them.

BECKY said...

Too cute, Deby!! My most recent squirrel story is this: Me and Maddy were eating at Panera Bread on their outdoor patio which overlooks a lovely pond and pasture. A lady at a table next to us got very disturbed when a rather large lizard came walking across the terrace ledge, and began to make a small scene of it. She got over that, and within minutes a squirrel came walking toward my table on the same ledge.
The squirrel, almost as if he knew he would get a response, proceeded past us down to her table, jumped on her back and right off again, and ran off! She jumped up and shreiked! We tryed to contain our laughter, but it wasn't easy. She again got over it, and finished her meal. Probably the last one she'll eat outside!!

Thanks for the smiles!
Have a great week!!

Cathy said...

That is a cute picture, Deby. My dog used to chase the squirrels. One of my friends on Facebook is a real squirrel lover - Leroy. He talks about them a lot and show pictures of them.

Susan B said...

We have squirrels in our neighborhood too. They like to run along the fence and jump on the roof. They are fun to watch...the cats like them too!

Shari said...

We live on the Oregon coast. Where we live there is a lot of forest before you get to the ocean so there's lots of squirrels and BEARS! I love to watch them hop around and look to see where the next nut is going to go. God sure did make things exciting. All we have to do it look around.

Sabine said...

Our squirrels are adorable and fun to watch. They are a bit aggressive, though. When I am gardening, they run along the top of the fence and "scold" me. Sometimes, they knock down fir cones directly above us if we are under the fir trees!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Cute photo!

We have lots of squirrels in our trees. We used to feed them nuts on the porch, till one of the nuts fell in between the 2 slats and the squirrel TORE APART the wood to get to the nut! So that is my squirrel story hehe.


I am truly blessed said...

LOL...I love it but the boys are asking where the light saber ones is. Boys....of course!!!

LDH said...

It is a great picture! Thanks for posting!

Mrs. C said...

They are cute but can sure wreak havoc.

GraceFromHim said...

Oh to cute! I love to watch them. There is a beautiful park in the town we use to live in and there are tons of them. They even have a bridge for them to cross the road :)
I can't wait to see more of your pictures of them....

Sharon said...

That is such a cute picture! I love squirrels too! I am happy for you that you have them in your yard!

:0) Sharon

Kristi said...

This is kind of silly, but when I was little I thought there was only one squirrel in the whole world and he followed us everywhere we went. I'd see him in our yard, in the neighbor's yard, on the way to the grocery store with my mom. And even when we moved from Ohio to South Carolina he came with us. LOL Crazy, I know.

I named him Ralph. Daddy didn't help things, of course, because everytime he would see a squirrel, he would say, "Look Bunny! There's Ralph!" LOL

I don't know when I made the connection, exactly, but eventually I did.

So that's my squirrel story. I told you it was silly. lol


Ginny said...

The picture is cute, but we do not like squirrels around here. I think we finally have a squirrel-proof bird feeder, but it cost a pretty penny! The last one we bought, those darn squirrels ate right through the metal leaves that were supposed to keep them out!

Enjoy your squirrels!

Candy-Faith said...

hahaa I love this picture!!!

Maxine said...

I love squirrels! We have tons of them! What a cute picture!!!

Elizabeth said...

One of my teenagers has a pet squirrel and she's always getting excited about squirrel pictures. I'll send her a link to this!