A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolutions or not

Well, New Year's Eve has come and gone. Did you make resolutions ? I tried purposely NOT to go that route this year. I am just thankful for God's DAILY grace and mercy. I feel like to pick January 1st, once a year is so unrealistic. To be free from our mistakes, ours sins, they are a prayer of repentance away. Why wait until January 1st ? I prefer to just ask the Lord to help me grow closer to HIM everyday, and to show me my sins moment by moment.
Oh we serve a merciful GOD .....what I believe HE wants us from me, is ME. Minute by minute
day by day. Why wait for a special day.
Believe me I was glad to see 2009 come along. Last year was rough, but knowing that what the Lord allows in my life is part of HIS plan, is what brings comfort for me. Isn't it wonderful when you are HIS?
Lamentations 3:22
It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed,
because his compassions fail not.
Lamentations 3:23
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.


~Tami said...

My goal is to redeem the time this year with mini-goals. You can read my blog post about it here:

I enjoy your posts!

Mildred said...

Good morning Deby, Great post this morning and I love the old hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."

Tori said...

Hey Deby,
Great thoughts!
Thanks for always posting such encouraging thoughts!

Sharon said...

You certainly have had your share of really rough times the past year!

However, I'm still stuck in the rut of making that new year's resolution of losing weight and being healthier. Growing closer to God is always my main goal.

Wow! Alaska! Too cold for me and I know you are probably very glad not to be moving there, but excited about a new home! :) I'm excited for you!!!

Deborah said...

Amen! His mercies are new every day!

Miss Linda said...

What a wonderful post, and the verses from Lamentations are among my very favorite Scriptures! Your post is so inspirational today. I know 2008 brought many sorrows for you. I sincerely pray that 2009 brings much joy. Just think--God willing, you will be in your beautiful new home by this time next year!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Tracy said...

Amen! I didn't make any resolutions, though I want to lose weight. Sigh...

We need to focus on our spiritual condition constantly. If we think we've arrived, we haven't!

Sabine said...

Dear Deby,
I am with you there - "why wait?" There are always things I want to improve about myself but I don't wait for a certain date. I have never understood people who wait until Monday to start a diet, either, but we are all different, aren't we?

I hope this year is better for both of us.

Love you,


Angels Watching Over Me said...

Amen! I have never made New Year resolutions. I resolve to do better day by day with God's Grace and Love.

Cathryn said...

Hi Deby, I agree completely. Each day should be a new day of setting our feet on the straight path. It isn't always easy and it doesn't always work that way but we have to dust ourselves off and go at it again. Blessings ~ Cathryn

With A Grateful Prayer And A Thankful Heart said...

Hi Deby, Thanks for stopping by. I have browsed about your place and found it to be sweet and God Honoring. I pray God's comfort and encouragement as you miss your brother. Happy New Year wishes!

Saija said...

your scripture at the end was just perfect!

blessings on you in 2009!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Deby...I have resolved to spend more time in worship. That I can do...and I am "rolling over" my resolution from 2007 to lose weight...LOL.


BittersweetPunkin said...

...and Deby..is your new home going to be in the same area???

Sharon said...

Happy new year Deby! I pray that you have a beautiful 2009!

Hugs, Sharon

Susan B said...

I agree with you...I don't make resolutions either. God bless you.

Kristi said...

Amen! He is rich in mercy. And He is not a God of second chances, but a God of many, many chances. He never gives up on us. And I am so thankful and humbled by that.