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Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

7-8 Things "Places I would like to visit"

There is a meme going around....first Lisa
then Jamie and I think Ginny...tagged me
Well it is is things you don't know about me
I just did the 100 things post...
I am listing 8 places in the USA I would like to visit:
1. Washington DC
2. New York City and State
3. Grand Canyon
4.New Jersey
5. Pennsylvania
7. Vermont
8, Michigan
(there are more)
Now some reasons are personal....but since I do fly free
on Southwest Airlines...if you have a guest room
in any of these spots.
I am passing this on to ALL of YOU or any of you.
Where WOULD you like to visit????


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Well, I don't have a guest room! but we could figure something out! LOL! So come on girl!

Anonymous said...

I have a guest room and you are always welcome at my home. It would be fantastic to see you after all these years.

Ginny said...

We no longer have a guest room (Phil uses it), but we do have a sofa bed in the living room and it's fairly comfortable. There are some great things to do in Rochester (NY)!

Patty said...

I have been to all those places for various reasons and they are all very good places to visit. My dauhter lives in Vermont so that is a place very dear to my heart. Family in NJ too. If you wanted to come to Texas, I have a guest room !

Barbara said...

How blessed to get to fly free.
I have 2 guests rooms but I guess your free tickets don't come to England. If they do well.......

Barbara said...

Well I have a guest room Deby, two in fact. Wonder if your free tickets take in London.

Maxine said...

I can't believe New Jersey is on your list! If you come here--look me up!
I hate to travel, so I'll not name any place.

J-ME said...

Southwast flies into manchester, NH and we are about 3 hours from there!! We do have a guest room. So, if you are looking for a trip to Maine..... :-) and if Ginny's sofa bed is the same I slept on, then as far as I remember, it's comfortable!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

I'd say that it sounds like its time to do some traveling!!! With your free travel with SW, why not. Those all sound like fun places to go....

jennifer said...

Deby I would love to visit you!
I love this country very much, but I would love to visit Israel!!But to choose here... Alaska, North and South Dakota, Montana, Washington DC, and more

BTW come over and see the winners of the caption contest!

Julie's Jewels said...

I'd like to visit Washington DC mainly. My husband's father was killed in Vietnam and I'd like to go see the Vietnam Memorial Wall. We have pictures of others that have gone and seen it and sent us a picture of his name and them pointing to his name. They say there is a solemn spirit at that wall. I'd like to go see it in person. I'd also like to go watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I've heard it is something amazing to watch as well. I would also like to go see the Grand Canyon. My son saw it when he went out west on a missions trip. He brought back pictures but it is something I'd like to see in person too.

Jimena said...

I'm not on your list, but if your son flies to the French Riviera you are absolutely welcomed here. We live in a little village close to Cannes on a little street, in a little house. It's not a castle, and it's not perfect (still need to learn much about making a home) but you are so welcomed here! Think about it :) Hugs!