A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, July 30, 2007

where I have been

I am sorry for all of you the browse my blog that I have been pretty silent...

I have a sister visiting from New York State...so I was out of town spending some*sisters time* last week....sure had alot of laughs.....you know how sisters are......

This week my husband is off and his vacation is being spent working on our home to try to get most of the remodeling done......

Also....with MUCH prayer, I have decided to give up a hobby I have done for years, Rubber Stamping....I am going to sell 99% of all that I have...which is a ton.....and turn my stamping room into a guest/sewing room......so I am slowly taking a inventory of it all, to probably start ebaying soon. I know I will be taking a loss, but like I told my husband when you drive a car off a car lot,it already has depreciated.
Also....some dental work coming up...aaaaARGH......I am totally dental PHOBIC.

Sooooooo....In saying all this...my computer time will be a bit hard to find. Things will return to normal soon, if there is such a thing....and I will try to pop into blogs on coffee breaks and down time...and who knows......maybe even post a blog here and there.


Thank you to Connie, for the Thoughtful Blogger award. I will work up the *pass it on* part ASAP......


jennifer said...

I am so glad to hear you had sister time!My sister came last week from Ohio so we had sister time too!

I am sorry to read about the stamping, but ebay is competitive so think good thoughts.

I am very sorry about the dental..me too. I had to delay a repair due to $$$.By August 5 we will have enough to pay for ...but I am like you...dental phobic!


Deby, you don't have to worry about that it is so unimportant. You take care of yourself. I am glad you got the time with your sister. I hav 6 of them. I enjoy every moment we get to spend together. I hope the dental work goes well. I will be praying for you. Be sure and let us hear from you time to time. connie from texas

Pam said...

Sister time! I love it! My sis is in the states now but we haven't had a "girl's day out" yet. We have done things together with our hubbies and kids and now she is out of town at her mission board's enrichment camp. Maybe after summer we can get together, just she and I.

I need to go to the dentist so bad, but like you and Jen, I am "dental phobic" too!

Take care Deby and I hope you make some good money on your stamping stuff. My cousin is into it big time!

Maxine said...

Take care, Deby. That time with family is sooo important. Do what you can when you can.
Sorry I can't take the quiz. My brain won't allow for that today.:) It's still on standby mode.

Sharon said...

I completely understand! Life must come before blogging (or else, what would we have to blog about)! ;-)

I'm glad you had time with your sister. My sister is coming to visit next month.

Daughter of the King said...

Yes....sister and family time is so special..it is time for the hobby to go...I am ready....now the dentist...it was rough....but I survived...hahaha!!!!
You are just so sweet...You know...we just do the best we can, when we can. The dentist was rough.....glad it is over, for now.
Hoping that you get a day out with your sister...maybe pedicures...something so relaxing...now the dentist is another thing....I hate to tell you all but I have to take valium for visits for I could never do it.my dh then drives me...such a wimp.
YES.......family time is important and don't ever think twic about the quizes or anything on my blog...I am not that way....I am just trying to be a bit versatile here and there and lighthearted...
YES......life must come before blogging...and sometimes DOWN time just happens because that is the way that we are made.....such is life.....God understands...and I am thankful HIS people do too.