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Proverbs 25:11

Monday, July 16, 2007

Chocolates and the Bible

Helen Cadbury
The name "Cadbury" is well known by chocolate lovers the world over, and is especially sought after at Easter time. Cadbury has been making chocolates for over one hundred years, yet few know Helen Cadbury, the daughter of the founder of Cadbury Chocolates.

Helen was saved at the age of twelve and soon began to witness for the Lord Jesus. She always carried a large Bible to school. Her father gave her a New Testament to carry for ease of use( much lighter).

Helen always had her Net Testament in her pocket and all her friends did the same. The group called themselves the Pocket Testament League. Helen and her friends handed out hundres of New Testaments and, as a result, many were saved and their lives changed.

Helen's guidlines were:

1. Carry God's Word in your pocket

2. Carry it in your heart

3. Be ready to share God's Word with others.

4. Trust in God's grace that others will be saved.

Remember, the Word of the Lord endureth forever!

Holy Bible, book Divine

Precious Treasure Thou are Mine

Mine to tell me whence I came

Mine to teach me what I am

Vince Garcell
(this was printed on the back of my church's bulletin this past Sunday
I thought that this was really good and wanted to share it with all of you
....next time you eat some Cadbury chocolate maybe it will be a subtle
reminder to share the Lord in some way. I love stories like this.
Do you?



Pam said...

I LOVE this story and had never heard it before. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for sharing!

I eat the Cadbury creme eggs at Easter...I never knew this story and now I think I will remember when I eat my next Cadbury creme egg! ; )

A Note From Theresa said...

Your right, I never heard of her, just her last name. Her guidelines are something we all can use.

Mrs.B said...

Oh how lovely!--I love Cadbury Creme Eggs.


Jungle Mom said...

Wonderful! thanks for shareing, I do love to learn things like this.

jennifer said...

I love stories like this ...thanks for sharing.