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Proverbs 25:11

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thrift Shop Treasures

We have a chain of Thrift Shops out here called "Value Village"..this afternoon I went for about 1 hour and came home with a few things...my favorite is the 4....yes 4 boxes of Snacks sets...their original box.....I think I only saw 1 plate missing...the biggest thrill is:

1.) Each box was only $2.99

2.) I remember my mom having something like this when I was very young.

3.) I plan to USE them....

Does anyone else like these kind of things?

also got 2 tops....$2.99 and a pink plate..will take a picture on another day...


Christian Homekeeper said...

I really like those snack sets! I would use them too! =)

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. I was looking at your blog and see that your church is in the same area as me! We live in Graham.


Susan said...

My mother had a set almost exactly like that, and I kept it for years and years. Then one day I decided to do a lot of cleaning out, and I donated that set to a thrift store. Now I could kick myself!

Enjoy using your FOUR sets! What a deal!

Sandy McTier said...

Thank you so much for you kind words on my blog and coming by to visit.
I have just above 100 snack tray sets (about 25 of them like yours). I adore them! I was really lucky to get them cheaply as well - about $1.00 a box at auctions.
Have a blessed week!


My mother had several sets of these when I was a child. I wish I still had a set. That picture sure brought back very good memories to me. Thank you, Deby. connie

Melissa said...

I also have unlimited long distance-at least for now...soon we will be changing our phone package. If you want, I can email you my number so we can talk.

Mrs.B said...

I've never seen these before but I really like yours! So pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I love them Deby. I have a set almost like them. I love dishes.

La Tea Dah said...

So nice! I have enough of these sets --- identical to yours --- for a party! I've collected them over the years and have my mother's as well. Evidentally they were very popular about the time she married in the 50's.

Have a fun tea party!

rebecca said...

My Mother has this exact set! I love them and always want her to use them, as I did when I was little and playing tea party. Such good memories. I love thrift shops, if for no other reason than the memories they inspire.