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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wednesday night church

I love our Wednesday night church service the best .....I think.

I think it is because usually the congregation is made up of believers. The stuff my pastor preaches on is geared to us. Sometimes it can be tough...but tough is GOOD.
It is also a great way to hear the prayer requests that you might NEVER know. Are we not to*Pray without Ceasing* a Wednesday night service will sure add to your prayer list...

It is a mid-week time to be with other believers......I leave encouraged.

IF you haven't gone to yours in awhile, give it a try. You will be blessed and your pastor and others in your congregation will be glad that you are there. In Acts, the early Christians met everyday. Now then we might be on to something.

Isn't GOD GOOD!!!!

Iam aware not all churches have mid-week...how about you having a few friends over for some fellowship.....now that would be Acts in Action !!!!


Just Theresa said...

I love going to church Wednesdays and Sunday mornings because Sundays is when a visitor might come, and my church tends to sing their best when we have visitors. I just love being with God's people.

Maxine said...

Deby, It is so nice to see a post like this one. We moved our Weds. prayer meeting to Sunday night after evening service. But I REALLY miss that midweek service!We have something of the flavor at the Sun night prayer, but I miss having that time in the middle of the week with the saints.

Pam said...

A wonderful and encouraging post. I love my church too. The midweek is when we seem to really get to know other members. I'm so happy you enjoy church!

norththreads said...

Thanks so much for popping by & visiting! Oh how I wish we had mid-week services! Happy crafting!


We are told that we should meet so much the more as the day approaches. I love Wednesday nights. It is so family. In fact I just love being in church anytime I have the opportunity, I love God's people. Good post. connie from Texas