A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My PINK friend

I love this friend of mine. It allows me to talk with my sister for much longer than we realize(we have the same cell phone company)I can get my house cleaned...EVERYTHING ...with both hands free.

...I can talk when driving.......Tell me...don't even remember seeing that stop sign...Did I stop?

Anyways IF you are thinking of getting a hands free device. I would recommend a blue tooth. I don't care if it looks ridiculous, if it appears you are talking to yourself.....etc...it has made my life easier, just like my much loved laptop.

Now I am not expert at functions on either of these devices, BUT....I am the resident expert on my TIVO...who would have *thunk*....technology, where would we be without it?


Sandra said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm so glad you found me :)

We're getting ready for a PCS move right now so things are nutty, I'm sure you remember those days don't you? LOL

Hope you're having a wonderful day, I've added you to my bloglines and will visit you often :)


Susan said...

My husband has a Bluetooth. I tell him it makes him look sinister! ;) I didn't know they made pink ones. I might have to check into that . . . although I don't use my cell phone very often. Most of our calls are to the US, which is not included on our cell phones, and we have a great long distance plan on our regular phone that makes it possible for me to call as much as I need to.

jennifer said...

I love this. Dainty and sweet! What I really like is that you visit with your sister for so long:)

I think in these times many forget the importance of even extended family! How fortunate for you both to maintain the relationship.

mimihas5 said...

I have a bluetooth and your right....I do look as though I am talking to myself when I use it. :)

I have enjoyed looking at and reading your blog.