A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Color Fickle

http://www.italyincolor.com/contact.html Photographer: William Wierzalis
Copyright, used with permission

As a woman in her 50's I am here to announce that I will no longer have a favorite color.
I just can't do it anymore. I feel like I am telling 1/2 truths. If I were to tell you that my favorite color is RED.....not anymore...."NO" I am color fickle....There are too many colors in that trusty box of 64 that we have all grown up, to have a favorite.
I can probably ask all the small children in my life, to include grandsons ,nephews and neices what their favorite color is. It starts young.... I love color tooooo much to settle on one. Yes, RED it used to be, but not anymore. I love the shades of pink that I have in my craft and bathroom. Oh...the new yellow color of petunias that I just planted...LOVELY....and greens...ahhh...look at the forest...all shades and they all go together. Love the look and smell of lavender. What's a girl to do. How can you choose???? Well....friends...I cannot so I am officially taking myself off of the hook. I am now saying *all of them*. Will any of you dare to do the same? I am thankful to God for the variety HE has given us to look at enjoy. So no more favorites for me, thank you Lord for all of them.
I am including some pictures taken of the Island of Burano. Now these people have it right. Look at the colors.


jennifer said...

I think you are on to something!

BTW I love the houses and the festive colors.

Just Theresa said...

I think I'll always love all shades of Blue and the darker greens best but I can see where you are coming from :)

Joanne Davis said...

Thank you for my laugh of the day!
I'm color fickle too....and will not write down a "favorite" color anymore either.....or I will put "rainbow".....LOL Great photos!