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Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Narcissism Anyone

Thought this was a great article and it is USED with permission by it's author:Lydia Brownback

Monday, June 18, 2007

Narcissism Anyone?
Narcissism--we're all guilty to one degree or another. It's part of being human. It's part of being American.

Our narcissism is exposed in our obsessive thoughts about our weight. Retailers have taken our obsession straight to the bank with today's vanity sizes. Yesterday's 10 is today's 6.

It's exposed in the nail salons and the tanning booths that bookend every strip mall in the country.

It's exposed in our $150-every-eight-weeks hairstyles.

It's exposed in how easily duped we are by the promise of expensive cellulite vanishing cream.

Our self-obession hasn't made us a happier nation over all. Our French tips and all-over tans have done nothing to diminish the number of anti-depressant prescriptions sliding across pharmacy counters everyday. That's because the glances of admiration and envy we get for wearing single-digit sizes provides only a quick and shallow fix.

Narcissim is even more prevalent with our claims and possessions: My happiness, my goals, my desires, my rights, my family, my schedule. Me, my, I--it's what we live for. Self involvement breeds more self-involvement because it all just seems so normal. Think about the conversations we have around the water cooler or in the parking lot:

"Do you think I've lost weight?"
"Well, now that you mention it, you do look a bit thinner--not that you needed to lose anything. I'm the one who could stand to take off a couple."
"You? Don't be silly. Your still wearing a size 4, aren't you? What's the problem?
"Well, actually, I'm a 2 now. But I've only been able to get to the gym three times a week lately, so I've been worried about my weight."

Can we imagine holding a conversation like that in front of a missionary from our church who spends fifty weeks a year in tribal India? For that matter, can we imagine walking up to anyone we really respect and admire and asking, "Does this outfit make me look fat?"

"Of course not!" you protest, "Those conversations are personal and private!"No they're not. They're just stupid.

Wouldn't it be glorifying to God, and utterly freeing to us, if we made a pact to help one another recover from our narcissistic tendencies rather than remaining narcissism enablers? Come on . . . we can do it.
Posted by Lydia Brownback at 6:42 PM


Pam said...

Oh Wow! This was SO good! I see it slip up in my own conversations! Lord help me. It should be all about HIM not me! Thanks Deby! Do you mind if I link over to you for more ladies to read this?

Daughter of the King said...

These were not my words...
just want to make sure you know that....I thought the article was good too....and yes you may link over ANYTIME...no need to ask...I love your blog...

Cynthia Robin said...

How very true this is, dear sister! Thank you so much for sharing this with us here. I see in the comments that you don't mind if we link to it, so I'm heading over now to post your link on my blog so that other precious dears can be encouraged and exhorted by this wonderful sharing!

Cynthia Robin

jennifer said...

Wow I havent had a chance to come over and when I do...majestic changes I love the changes! I am going to re read the post because I really just was enjoying the page!


None of those things will make a difference in a hundred years from now. We really do need to keep in mind why we are here and use our money to help a missionary or some other worth cause. connie from Texas, Good post,Deby. Thanks

javagirl1111 said...

Oh No! It's true! I have been guilty too!