A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, June 16, 2008


I am trying to learn my camera. My azalea bush is starting to
bloom. It will be so pretty

Can you see the blue sky ???? We have not had much of it this
Spring . We are now having some glorious sunshine. When you live in a
area that has more cloudy days then sunny days, you sure
appreciate the blue sky. We are expecting more of it today.
BTW, the new header picture is of my neighbor's Rose . I don't know what
it is, I thought it was beautiful, so I had to share it with all of you.
Have a great day where you are, no matter what the weather is.
Remember, we have SONshine in our soul.


Paula said...

Dear Deby,

I love your new header!!! What a pretty rose! You took a wonderful picture of it, the Azalea and the blue sky too!

I am so glad you are having sunshine! I just love sunny days, though I am thankful for rain too, but the sunshine is so cheerful!

Oh yes, I am most thankful for the SONshine in my soul. Sweetly said, Deby!

Have a lovely day enjoying the sunny and blue skies!

Abounding Treasures said...

Your new header of your neighbour's rose is gorgeous! Gives a real feel for warmth and summer ~ something we've not experienced too much of in our 'neck of the woods'.

Have a great week!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Beautiful pictures!! So glad you have some sunshine today, and always glad for the SONshine as well :)

Cathy said...

Your pictures are very pretty, Deby. And the sky is a beautiful blue. Thank God for His sunshine and Sonshine. Did you get a new camera?

Sharon said...

You KNEW that I'd love your new header! Lol! :)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

We had a beautiful blue sky yesterday, today is overcast and may rain, but you are right, I have "son-shine" in my soul!☼

HOPE said...

The new photo of the rose...looks like one I have had called...

PINK PEACE!! my absolute favorite rose..the fragrance is HEAVENLY and definetly speaks of the SONshine in our lives!

Azaleas are the flower of the area here..I have a yard full...they are soo pretty.

Susan said...

Basking in the sunshine here in North Vancouver! And in the Sonshine too! :)

Tracy said...

Love the azaleas! What a great reminder to bask in the SON!

Anonymous said...

It's been sunny here today too, praise the Lord!!

Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the new header too. (o:

Anonymous said...

Dear Deby,

Your new header is beautiful! Such a pretty rose!
The sunny days and warmth are so welcome and we are really enjoying those blue skies as well!

Have a sweet day!
Many blessings,


Ginny said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, Deby. It's a lovely, sunny day here, too, although I can't figure out how it was sprinkling from a blue sky!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Hi Deby :)
Thanks for the comment. The painting is coming along..slowly but surely :)
We took a break from it yesterday (Sunday) and started back at it today. Were doing the dining area, kitchen and hallway (and several doors) Its a lot of work! (not to mention we have the entire place to paint later too but maybe in a few months after we give ourselves a break)
Im not sure when we will be done the rooms we have started...maybe by the weekend perhaps...hopefully! lol Maybe sooner, we'll see. Its starting to get hot out so its not the best time to paint really.
Talk to ya soon!!!
Candy :)

Sharon said...

Wow, what beautiful flowers and a beautiful sky! Enjoy it! I also love that rose on your header..it's gorgeous!

Maxine said...

Amen! Looks like you're doing a good job with your camera! I just got one too!
Thanks for the great reminder about SON shine.

Happymama said...

The rose on your header is beautiful. I don't know what kind it is either, but it sure is purdy!


Pam said...

Uh-oh! this beautiful photo made me start missing my huge azalea bush at our former home! They are some of my favorite flowers!

Your sky is lovely! We get lots of those here in the Tampa Bay area, however, this time of year, we have so many thunder storms, as it is now rainy season!

Tori said...

Looks like your learning your new camera pretty well.

Love the new header!!

One Happy Family said...

Looks like Double Delight to me. It is very pretty. Double Delight happens to be my fav rose. However, I could be wrong about what type it is. . . .

Toni said...

What a wonderful post deby!!Gods world is so beautiful!And the Son is always shining:)I was so happy to get your e-mail tonight!I guess you found me through Bev`s blog?How long have you been reading my blog?I am always excited to "meet"new people:)Well,I`m off to read more of your blog now,and then going to bed:)Blessings,Toni


I love the rose on your header. It is just beautiful, it looks like if I reached out, I could touch it.

I also love the blue sky and the sunshine but I rather have the Sonshine in my heart any day.

I tried leaving a message yesterday, I guess it didn't work. Sorry, connie from Texas