A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red and Pink

Oh I can spend tooooo much time oooohing and ahhhhhing
at the cottage type blogs in blogland. I love the pink and white
shabby look. Love old thrift shop finds and treasures.
Would love that look in my whole house. My husband wouldn't,
well, at least not now...
So what I do is have a room and bathroom with that look.
My house is small so colors don't have to flow.
So I just do the best with decorating and making our
little home comfortable for both of us. So if you like reds
you can have tea or coffee with me in our living room or kitchen area,
if you are a pink girl, come into my *lovely room* as my husband has named it.
Either way, WELCOME

This shelf is on a wall across from my recliner.
My living room colors are reds, and yellow/golds. white and tan
and some others thrown in....
a real contrast from the next one:

This is a shelf found from Craig's list..it was connected to a desk, the desk is in
front of my window. This is all in my shabby,pink,guest,sewing,crafting room.
This was the white and gold French Provencial furniture, you know the kind.
The people had painted it. We got it cheap, the paint is chipped etc, and you know
what it is staying as is.

Don't you love homemaking and the variety of things we can create ?


Lady-in-the-Making said...

Oh! I love your pink and white shelf! That is just dreamy! I, too, would love the shabby chic look all over my house - but my husband wouldn't! :)

My master bath is pink and girly though so I try to comfort myself with that.

Your home is beautiful!

Humble wife said...

I love love love the simple elegant decor that you have in your home! It is so wonderful to be Keepers of our Homes, isn't it?


Deborah said...

Very nice, and your husband is right the pink is 'lovely'!
One day, when we get around to painting, I'll post some pictures of inside my house, but right now it's decorated with white mud patches where we got some cracks during the move....yes...from two years ago! My house is on hold while the church construction is going on.

HOPE said...

No wonder you liked my hutch ;)

I am soon to be making a what I hope to look like SHABBY CHIC quilt...the collection is called Faded Memories...I'll have to post about the Quilt to be!

I too have a mini book like you have on the shelf..a Mary E. garden book my sis gave me. I also have a mini TEA.

Too bad we aren't neighbors..we could sure have FUN!

and to think you have that cut out that says HOPE...nice, you won't every forget me! or the HOPE of our faith!

Thanks for the mini tour of your HOME SWEET HOME!

Tiffany said...

Very pretty!!! I love the shelf you got off craigs list!! You can find great stuff there!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

I like your "lovely room" :) Its all nice!
Candy :)

Anonymous said...

Both are *lovely*!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Looks lovely Deby! :)

I had my whole house decorated in shabby chic but we have changed it (2 times now hehe). I'm selling what I have left of my shabby chic decor at a yard sale in about 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Deby,

It is such a blessing to be homemakers ~ we have so many opportunities before us to be creative and there are so many wonderful things we can do to make our homes warm and welcoming!
What lovely things you have done!! Thanks for a glimpse into your home!

Have a blessed day,


Anonymous said...

Dear Deby;

I also live in a small house that just calls for cottage decor. I am slowly, but surely, transforming it to the french, cottage look :)
I really like your teapots - do you collect many? Thank you for sharing!



Paula said...

Dear Deby,

Your home is so pretty, and I am especially drawn to the pink "lovely room!" You have everything displayed so nicely on both of your shelves.

Oh yes, one of the many joys of homemaking is the variety of things we can create! I love being a homemaker! I can see you love being one too, and enjoy making a lovely home for you and your dear husband, and Chloe too!!!

Thank you for sharing your home!
Bless you!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I would be very content in your home. So lovely and inviting and warm.

Feathering My Nest said...

Deby, Your contrasting rooms are just like mine. I have my husband's room, the 'family room,' in dark greens and browns, and 'my room,' which is the living room. It is pink, and soft pink, with a few other contrast colors. I love your pretty pink shelf.

Thank you. Thank you, for your perfectly timed (by the Lord), comments. You said, just what I needed to hear. I appreciate what you wrote on my "Ducks in a Row" post. Also, I am deeply touched and saddened for you loss of your dear mother. I am so sorry you don't have her with you right now.
I have not told my mother thank you enough either. I know she and Dad read my blog regularly, and I am thrilled to brag about her, so she can hear it and see it.

I thought it was so sweet and special that you asked Jesus to tell your mother those thank yous. Knowing Jesus' character, you too, know that He is telling her those things, and not leaving out a single word. That's just the way our loving Savior is. He is so good, and cares about the tiniest detail, if it matters to us. Bless you Deby, and thank you for taking the time to comment. Hugs, Kathi

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love pink, too, but the only place I can get away with all the "girly" look is in my china cabinet.

That is why I LOVE china with roses on them.

Happymama said...

Very pretty...you know I love pink!


Ginny said...

The pink and white shelf is beautiful. So feminine and cheery. Thanks for sharing it!

Sharon said...

I love how you decorated your shelves! You are really good at decorating!

Hugs, Sharon

Tori said...

Very pretty shelves, I love that style. I'm sure your home is lovely.

Heather said...

Oh, it looks like a boutique! Beautiful :)

Sharon said...

I LOVE your pink and white shelf!

I think we ladies would have all the rooms in our homes decorated in lovely, feminine shades if it weren't for pleasing our husbands' tastes too. Lol!

I have come to the conclusion that decorating a home is to please those who live there, and if that means bold colors in one room and soft, flowery in another...well, it's all right! I like so many different colors, that it's hard to have rooms that flow together.

Pam said...

So pretty. I believe my mom owns a teapost just like the one on the bottom eshelf in your "lovely room". What a cute name to give a room! I don't have anything very feminine in my home. I love the look and love pink and white, but with two boys and an athletic hubby, I never thought to do feminine! I guess I could do at least one room up in pink and lace! We are more into rustic and old world decor. I know you enjoy your home Deby. It's an extension of you I'm sure! Sweet and loving, warm and kind!

Abounding Treasures said...

Both are lovely Deby ~ thanks for the little glimpse of your home :o)