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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My poor husband

Update: He is back to work. The swelling is down and fever gone.
Thank you for your prayers and kind words

During Sunday School, he was not looking good.
He said he was in so much pain. We left and then cancelled Father's Day Plans.
Well yesterday he finally had the work done, a tooth re-root canaled. He was on
antiobiotics and pain killers for 3 days. His face is still swollen.
You know, I am dental phobic. It was much easier sitting in the waiting room
for 3 hours stitching another tea-towel then sitting in the dentist's chair.
Tonight he is on the mend and I am thankful for the job of a dentist and
the work they do,even when I am holding on to the chair handles for dear life,
I am thankful for medications that heal our bodies. I am thankful for being able to
take care of my dear husband when he was in pain, and pretty funny on the painkillers.
I am thankful that there will be no pain in heaven and I do believe that will include, dental.
.....yesssssss !!!!!


Tracy said...

YIKES! I've had loads of dental work and root canals due to a bike accident when I was young. I'll be glad for a pain free heaven, as well. I hope that your husband heals quickly!

Deborah said...

Ouch! I'm sure you're taking good care of him while he recovers! Won't it be wonderful in glory....no pain,no sickness, no tears...O what a day that will be!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh bless his heart! Yikes i do not like the dentist!

Anonymous said...

What a good wifey you are! And what a blessing that you are home and able to care for him. I pray he heals quickly. (o:

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Oh no! Hoping your husband feels better soon! Dental pain in the worse :o(

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I'm dental phobic too! That picture you included even makes me nervous...LOL!

Hope he is on the mend real soon!☺

Anonymous said...

Dear Deby,
I hope that your husband is doing better today! I do think you had the better place to be sitting in the dentist office ~ and I'm glad you could pass the time doing something enjoyable!

Have a lovely day ~ it looks like we may get a little sun our way :)



Cathy said...

Oh, Deby, I am afraid of dentists too. I have had a couple that I really trusted and was pretty good with. The new one makes me take a small tranquilizer, and someone has to drive me. I hope your husband is much better. Yes, no pain for sure in glory ~

Abounding Treasures said...


Is there anyone who *likes* the dentist :o)

I have always been pretty terrified about dentists all my life but a few years ago found one that is absolutely fantastic! Even huge fillings don't hurt.

For me now, it's the time spent *waiting* in the sitting area, for my name to be called!! If I could just go in from the street without knowing in advance and sit immediately in the dentist's chair, it wouldn't be nearly as bad :o)

Hope he is feeling back to normal pretty soon and that this is the last *RE - DO* for a root canal.

Donna said...

Oh my...what trying days for you both. So glad to hear things are better.

Neesie said...

Oh boy. You're talking to the right one here. I'm scared of doctors. I can take dentists, but not doctors. Now that is bad.
Thanks for reminding us of heaven once again. I for one don't think about it as much as I should on a daily basis. No more trials, like doctors' visits.

Maxine said...

Deby, I made the last comment in my daughter's account by mistake. Hope I didn't confuse you. I need to go to bed.

HOPE said...

Would you believe I "grew up" in the dental chair! Not due to problems..just my mom worked for a dentist and guess who always had to get her teeth professionaly cleaned and constantly on top of things...like cavities! ;)

I hated the DRILL...my husband just went to our new dentist here in town and NO DRILLS anymore! amazing the technology today!

Thank you Lord..some of it ..is good!


I am so glad your husband is doing better. It is so odd that I came over to read your blog this morning as I am on my way to the dentist in just about an hour. Just to have my teeth deep cleaned but still,,,,,, This is only my second visit in my life so I am kind of nervous. I, too, am thankful that there will be no pain in heaven. connie

Sharon said...

I hope he is feeling much better now!

Jodi said...

Deby! My husband has been going through the exact.same.thing!! He had pain and swelling two weeks ago. He got pain medicine and antibiotic from the dentist - then a root canal with a specialist a week later. Looking good, but then by the following weekend (Father's Day!) he was swollen and in excruciating pain again. They re-drilled on Monday. More pain pills and antibiotics, and they temporarily sealed it Thursday. He goes back in two weeks for the final deal. Meanwhile he had a huge project going at work, so he couldn't take off. I felt so badly for him!!

Praying your husband's re-root canal works! I really do know how badly he felt and can totally relate to your feelings.