A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Weighty Issues**UPDATED**

**Thank you all for the encouraging words
I know I am not the only one with this lifelong
up and down struggle. For those of you
who have commented...with this struggle as well,
I am maiking a list with your names
and will uphold you in prayer
If you want on my list.....email me or comment.
I may switch this subject to my other blog
to let you know how it is going and VICE VERSA
going to the Weight Watchers meeting
I have gone for years but this time I am doing
their point system with my husband and weighing in
once a week at home**
this year.....
Anyone else.......working on this
WE are, my husband and I, both
started back on points yesterday.
Praying that the Lord will help me
in this sin area of my life.
You pray for me, I will pray for you.
Phil 4:13


Christian Homekeeper said...

You can do it! Just take it one day at a time, baby steps! Woohoo for Weight Watcher's! =0

Anonymous said...



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Yep, us also. We will pray for and lift each other up, sis!

Anonymous said...

Your in my prayers. I know how you can lose 30 lbs in 3 months but it isn't fun........have pancreatic splenectomy surgery. hehe. Just kidding, I wouldn't wish that on any as it is a very, very tough surgery. (speaking from experience) However, now that I am following the diabetic diet, I am not gaining weight back and I continue to lose. First time in years!!! It is a hard diet but when your health depends on it, it is easy! Weight Watchers is the next best thing. Somewhat similar but you get to eat sweets in moderation. Anyways, here's praying for you two.

Mary Isabella said...

I have alot of trouble in this area myself. I am working on it and wil;l pray for you. Happy New Year!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Adorable picture!!!

Anonymous said...

sigh. now why did you have to post that today of all days? i made a pan of fudge and a truckload of enchiladas with extra cheese. sigh.

seriously though, good for you! Weight Watchers is the way to go...I should go there. Really.

Donna said...

I bought some exercise videos today...can I play too?

Sharon said...

One thing is for sure! We never give up...we keep on trying, don't we? ;-) I'll be praying for your success!

nannykim said...

Praying does help in this area .

Sis. Julie said...

I've been doing my points since just before Thanksgiving. I've lost 11 pounds so far. I have a blog that has posts about my journey. It is at http://ajourneywithjulie.blogspot.com

Feel free to go by and leave comments for other ladies and even visit their weight-loss blogs. I've been so encouraged by those that have visited me there.

Love you!!

Jungle Mom said...

Please make sure I am on your list! maybe twice!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Praying for you sis.We can do it!!!

Love Ya,

Anonymous said...

Hi Deby,
I know how hard this is. Dave struggles with it to.
Hugs and prayers,

Jenn V said...

This is my first time visiting you. Sherry (Lula's Hardt) told me you had posted the same picture on your blog that I did on mine, with almost the same caption. I guess this issue is on everyone's mind. I'll be praying for your success and checking back to see how you are doing. Nice blog!

Jenn V