A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Friday, January 25, 2008

prayer request..UP DATED in RED

Please remember this FAMILY in PRAYER
When you read the link
What would my family be saying about me?
What would my spouse, my children and those in my life be saying about me.?
What kind of legacy
am I leaving ?
it's about the Lord.

I have been reading this diary of Pastor Gomez and his family
Julie.....and Trish have referred to his story on their blog.
Please check it out and keep him and his family and their congregation
in Prayer.
What I am learning from this and the past events in my own life is this:

GOD numbers our DAYS
BE ready to meet the Lord, Heaven or Hell it is your CHOICE !!!!!
"IF "you are HIS, READ HIS WORD....there really are no excuses.

~~*~~LIVE FOR HIM~~*~~


If you don't know what I am talking about

Said with love,

I was thinking about this post
and I PRAY it doesn't appear judgemental
or like I have arrived.
I am not, I have not.
IF you think I am pointing a finger...
remember then..there are 3 pointing back to me,
Deby, just a sinner saved by grace, saved by the blood of Jesus.
I am in the process too.....after spending 10 hours in ER
a couple of weeks ago, not knowing...
IF I DIED I WOULD have gone to:
THE peace that this has brought in my life
has been life changing for me,
in my heart...
In my life,
and yet...I have so far to go...
and the flesh cries out everyday.
But this I DO know
and after being a so called Christian (I was not)
it does bring peace to me
that I am sure I am saved...


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I do wear the tea time pins!


MochaMIssy said...

What a peace in knowing where you will spend eternity... I cannot imagine living my life not knowing...

Love you mom!

Ma Kettle said...

I just read the comment and agree with it all so very much! Super post and should be posted monthly for us all:)

Barbara said...

I trust you are well Deby after spending time in ER.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. And I have been praying for the Gomez's.

Maxine said...

Hi Deby! This message cannot be given too much. Have a blessed weekend.

Cathy said...

That is very sad what is happening to the Gomez family, Deby. I am praying for them. I sure hope you are feeling much better now.

Mishel said...

Thank you for sharing this Deby. I went to the website and will be praying! I cannot imagine going through the valleys in life without our precious Savior!

Cathy said...

Oh, Deby, that update was so beautiful and sweet. I'm praying for her dear family.

Mishel said...

I just read the news on Julie's blog...we will continue to pray for the Gomez family.

YoMJ said...

Thanks for that great reminder of what life is all about. My prayers are with the Gomez family.


Saija said...

amen ...
and yes, i would go to be with my Jesus ...

Jodi said...

Deby ~ I will be praying for Dr. Gomez and his son Joshua. It sounds like his son is still in need of so much nursing care from his accident, and now to lose his mom. A very tough time for these two men.

I've been praying for Eric for several months now. Everything seemed to level off for him in early December and then he just up and had massive, repeat heart attacks on Friday. A fit, 40'ish y.o. man, just up and gone leaving behind a wife and six precious children.

Your post is always a good questions. We never do know when our last day will be. While I feel incredibly sad tonight, my sadness is for the grieving of those left behind and for their pain. I rejoice in the home-coming (or home-going?) of Eric and Mrs. Gomez. And it *is* a home-coming for them because this world is not our home. What a joy for them to now sit at the feet of Jesus!

((Deby)) ~ I'm sorry; I'm rambling a bit. I think I need to go have a cry. Hugs to you.

Karen said...

Hi Deby, Thank you for visiting me tonight! I've enjoyed reading your posts and will be back.
Your question about the chicken scratch apron....I did use a large embroidery hoop to do the work. It just kept the little squares lined up really well. Red and black would be very pretty! I wouldn't have thought of that.

Julie Fink said...

Thanks for praying for the Gomez family in a special way. I pray that you are feeling well yourself. Blessings, Julie

Tori said...

She'll be missed. But praise the Lord, she's with Him!