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Thursday, January 17, 2008

UPDATE....Lead free...something to think about

I no longer have information on lead and companies

with what amounts they have.

UPDATE on the bottom of this POST

I have been talking with a friend recently and also a family

member. We discussed safety in cooking and eating.

I know almost everything I own, says "made in China"

Well, I wondered as I am sitting here drinking out my big

mug, that says Made in China....is THIS LEAD FREE??

Think about this, (no paranoia please).....

of all the toys that were recalled......

all the autoimmune diseases....what if we , you and I,

can improve our bodies by just being a bit more savvy and careful?

So...I googled...*lead free dishes, lead free cookware*

I will give you a link that can get you started:

I am not posting this trying to make us *crazy weird* over this,

but if lead is no longer allowed in paint, WHY ...in some

of the dishes we eat off of?

Something to think about.

You can do what you want with the information.

IT is your choice and mine as well

I know we are in a fallen world and we all will die of something.

I know we cannot take everything out of our lifestyle.

I know you can jump of the deep end on this kind of thinking.

This post is not intended for that.

It is giving you something to think about.


I have decided that I am allowing

coments...I have found out via the company that

the dishes I use, WHITE CORELLE which

has 1/10 of 1 part per million Lead

The FDA allows this.

Not sure about all of this..

I feel like it is :

You are still slowly poisoning yourself...



If you have read this and are still wondering and are interested,

please email me...go to my profile you will find a email address there.

To UPDATE, I have written and so have others some of these companies.

I am saving them for now, but I am willing to share the responses.

SO...IF you would like the information sent on to you so you can

make decisions I am happy to do that.

Can I reiterate:

It is God that numbers our days

God is in control

There are things everyday we do that affect our health

There are many ways to think about this

and it is a decision for you and your family

on what you eat, what you eat on, what you cook in.

What got me to thinking was all the TOYS that

were recalled last year and I am sure

more to come....as I sit here drinking out of

a coffee mug made in CHINA

I am not being paranoid


and doing a little homework.

I encourage you to do the same thing.



Sharon said...

How interesting that you posted about this! A friend of mine was talking about this the other day and it is definitely something to consider. I have started noticing my coffee mugs too...made in China.

Pam said...

A friend and I recently had this same conversation! I guessl its on all our minds these days. I noticed my hand painted coffee mugs say "made in Chine". My friend, who is very knowledgable on many things seemed to think it not a problem due to the firing process the china must go through. Just her opinion. I haven't researched it out. Just a thought I wanted to put out here.
My aunt is an educator. She firmly believes the lead tainted toys etc, was a planned ploy on us. What better way to bring down a nation than to cause its children to grow up sickly or retarded!

Heather said...

Ugh, yes...unfortunately we must be more careful than ever about what is in our food, and what our food is ON!!! Yikes.

Tori said...

And we wonder why a third of the world has cancer. That's what we (America) gets for suppoting a country that denies God and freedom to worship Him. Sadly I think our GREAT nation is reaping alot due to bad choices. In Croatia everything comes from China, maybe i'll go look at my dishes!

Anonymous said...

thats very good thing to think about deb oh and by the way can you please call me today friday
i need to talk to you pls


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

"Food for Thought" - definitely an understatement here. We do need to be so careful what we are eating (and eating on) and putting inside our bodies!



I have started to think about all the things made it China. We don't know if they are safe or not. They are not tested like the things made here. I am going to be more careful and pay more attention to things such as this. Thank you Deby for causing us to think. connie from Texas

A Note From Theresa said...

You know, as I was reading this I lifted my coffee mug and seen on the bottom that it was made in china. It's kinda strange to me, because I got this coffee mug from Kroger.

I guess we need to be careful no matter where we get our dishes from.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thankyou for your comment on my blog. I have since replaced every plate and dish I own with clear glass, since from what I have read, it was the safest solution. I have no desire to take any chances with any of my husbands and my children health, or my own for that matter. It is scary, and I agree that there is probably more to some of the health issues some suffer with that could possibly be caused by many unseen things. I really enjoyed reading your post, thanks. -Heather (suchafun.com)

Sharon said...

I never even thought to question my china being lead free or not. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will investigate further.

Have a great weekend! Sharon

Anonymous said...

Hi Deby,
Just want to drop in for a visit. I see you have been busy, Miss Candi said tell Chole hello.

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Wow....very ineresting...Sure makes you think!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm back with another comment. I have Fiesta china and on the bottom it has "Lead Free!" I'm thankful for this!


Cathy said...

You mean my pretty fairly new lenox dishes have low lead in them? No wonder they were on sale. That is disgusting. Big sigh. Most everything is made in China these days. I still have the box, and I may just take them back.

Betty said...

Very interesting.....Thanks for visiting with me.....Betty

Maxine said...

Wow. We had posts along the same lines didn't we? It can be scary if we let it. Trust in God alone is all I can say. I had a lot of trouble buying for my granddaughter this Christmas. I kept being concerned about the China thing. Never thought about the china cups and coffee mugs. Oh well.

Mimi said...

now that you mention this.. I am thinking paper plates sound awfully inviting!!!

Cathy said...

Hi, again, Deby,

I love your blog because it is always interesting and unique. I tagged you for a meme if you would like to do it. Love and blessings,

Christian Homekeeper said...

This is definitely something to think about!

Sandy said...

Great post and information for all of us to think about!
Have a wonderful week.
Sandy :)

Feathering My Nest said...

Thank you for sharing this. Now I must go check my dishes. It's frightening. I need to investigate this myself, but maybe you already know. Is lead in the dishware a new thing or has this been since we've been buying our things from China. I'm asking because I buy fun coffee cups of all colors from GoodWill. Many say made in China, and were made in the 60's. Now I'm not so sure I want them. Thanks again. Kathi

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Wow..something to look into for sure..

YoMJ said...

Hey, I remember some time ago that there was a kit that you could test your china for lead. Have you heard about this kit. Can't remember where I heard of it. Maybe someone in your bloggerville can remember.

Jane said...

Please go to www.kutv.com and search for lead in dishes. There are some wonderful investigative pieces and Bill Gephardt is helping to push a bill forward for stricter laws on this. My VERY DISHES were the feature in the story. Wal-Mart is still selling these dishes. They are "acceptable" to them. Through KUTV there is a list of dishes and what they all tested. Corningware is the very best, besides the glass dishes, than again, what kind of glaze is on the glass? I went and bought a lead kit, imagine my horror when my brand new dishes (bought in NOV.) all tested positive for lead! Whoever had the mugs from the 60's throw them OUT.

Made in China: THROW it out.

I am not a zealous but I do wonder at all the diagnosis of ADHD and such. Martha Stewart is being sued right now for her dishes. The parents are claiming that their two children are brain damaged.

SCARY STUFF. I will be purchasing corningware and drinking out of paper cups and using paper plates more often than I used to!

Daughter of the King said...

and others...
First..from my research and talking to the companies themselves...I have FOUND...
FiestaWARE to be the safest out there.....I have a email from them if you want a copy....email me..

For Corning and Corelle....they still have SOME lead in the glazing...1/10 per 1 part per million..is what I WAS TOLD on the phone...they all like to say they meet or exceed the FDA guidlines....

So ...who do you trust?....I am not sure...

Plastics is not a option....do you know the stuff that was in the poisoned pet food from China..is the stuff they use MElamine dishes..PLASTIC....

In my OTHER BLOG...I will take the rest of this subject...to inlcude more links on plastic etc..cookware...I do think this stuff is poisoning US all...
That is just a opinion.

I ALSO *KNOW* that God numbers our days...

My advice is not to go crazy or let this make you crazy...

READ...research...and figure out with the help of your spouse, what you can do...baby steps...


Anne Bradshaw said...

I've been searching the internet for lead-free cookware and came across this blog. I'm really worried about all this since I do a lot of crockpot meals and my big old crockpot is made in China!

I can't seem to find anything similar that's lead-free. Did you find anything in your research? I'll try and find your email in a moment so I can get a reply if you send one--in case I forget where I found you.

abailey said...

I just had my home tested for lead and my dishes were tested as well. I paid a lot of money for my dishes that were made in Italy and purchased from Crate and Barrel. They are full of lead. They were not made in China. I am now looking for lead free dishes because these dishes also chip everytime you bump them.