A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Friday, August 6, 2010

some do, some don't

Some do, some don't ....I do...I iron. I don't have a basket of ironing. I hang things up from the dryer and then iron what I (we) are going to wear that day. I found that when I had ironed clothes hanging in the closet, somehow they would end up getting to wrinkley for my taste. So ..yes I do iron...not everything, not sheets or pillowcases (once in awhile pillowcases for the guest bed)...but just about everything else....always my slip....under my skirt..you know wrinkley slips can show through.....and I have a husband that buys me a Rowenta iron...and we use it until it dies and then we get another.....I know not everyone IRONS...oh well....I do...and hope I can, until I go home to meet the Lord...I just like the way ironed clothes look on a person, and I scoff at the words, permanent press, who are they kidding ??


Heart2Heart said...


I love the look of freshly ironed items but I hate to iron and won't unless absolutely necessary. Missed stopping by to say hi and wanted to wish you a great weekend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Call me weird but I love to iron.

jAne said...

Tuesday is my ironing day. I rather enjoy it using it as an opportunity to pray for those whose clothing I'm pressing. :o)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Deby,
Ironing is the first thing on my list tomorrow. I have been saving it up all week. Time to just do it. :)
Have a wonderful week end.

Kay said...

Yes, I iron too. Love how things turn out so crisp and nice looking.

Mrs.Rabe said...

We iron around here...like you, what we are wearing for the day...Saturday nights/Sunday Mornings are big ironing days around here!

Lallee said...

I actually enjoy ironing too. I can be slow getting around to it. I love putting on an audio book and getting lost while I iron a big pile from the basket. I have a Rowenta too, my third I think. I love that steam! Love the scent of ironing too.

Barbara said...

I do iron, my husbands dress shirts and my dresses, other than that i do not iron other things, I used to, but they look good fromthe dryer. hugs and have a great day, Barbara

HOPE said...

I Iron EVERYTHING..to my dismay! LOL...like Elizabeth said..I am SAVING up....FOR IRONING DAY.

Something about looking "KEPT" that I believe it important in a Christian testimony. A bit of "respect" I think comes along with it...for who you represent!!


candy ♥ said...

i love to iron. i do pillowcases but not sheets. i iron all clothes except underclothes.

Sharon said...

Add me to weird iron-a-holics club! I just love the crispness, and the smell of freshly ironed clothes. When we were dating, my hubby always had to wear a suit and tie to work everyday. He was pulling his shirts out of his dryer and calling it good. I started taking his shirts home and ironing them and one of his secretaries happened to notice that his shirts were MUCH neater and asked, "so, what's her name????" She knew that only a woman who really loved him would voluntarily iron his shirts. :)
My best ironng tip: spritz just a wee bit of your favorite perfume on your slips or sheets or blouses or dresses before you iron. They always smell so sweeet when you pull them out to wear/use. (I don't recommend the perfume trick for hubby's or son's clothing though).. Hee hee :)

You have a most-lovely blog, btw...

Pam said...

that's the way I usually do it too Deby. Some Mondays, if I feel well enough, I'll iron as I pull things out of the dryer, especially my husband's dress shirts for the week. (for work) and several pairs of slacks. They look fine to most I'm sure when I pull them out of the dryer, but I like using a wet hanky and putting a knife crease in them.

And like Jane, I pray for whoever the article of clothing I'm ironing at the moment belongs to. My mom taught me to do that!