A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plus Size Swing

When I was a little girl one of my most favorite things to do was to *swing*. I could get in a swing and and it would seem like the cares of day, would seem to pass away. It was so relaxing. I can close my eyes and recall some special times in a swing, just like it was yesterday. I remember one summer evening, swinging to moonlight and belting out this song:

He's Everything to Me
In the stars His handiwork I see,
On the wind He speaks with majesty.
Though He ruleth over land and sea,
What is that to me?
I will celebrate Nativity,
For it has a place in history,
Sure, He came to set His people free,
What is that to me?

Til by faith I met Him face to face,
And I felt the wonder of His grace,
Then I knew that He was more
Than just a God who didn't care,
That lived away out there
and .....
Now He walks beside me day by day,
Ever watching o'er me lest I stray,
Helping me to find that narrow way,
He is everything to me.
(repeat 3 times)
By Cliff Barrows

I am older....not that old...but loved this picture.
I would love a swing. A "Plus Size" Swing.....I think, I might be tempted to swing in the moonlight and still belt out that song. Oh, would it feel differently now...the words through the years have taken on such a depth of meaning. My heart has been changed....just the thought of swinging on my *Plus size swing* sounds so good to me.....maybe I should watch Craig's List for such a thing....what do you think ?



Loved the post. I would love to see you swinging on your swing while I listened to your beautiful song. I wish I knew the tune to the song. It words are wonderful. P.S. glad your grandson is alright. love you, connie

Martie said...

I, too, loved to swing. That would be so much fun to do it now! Perhaps if you lived closer we could find 2 swings on Criag's list and swing together. :)

Aliene said...

I can see you swinging. I love it as a kid. Just swing as high as I could and then let the cat die.
I'm sure you know that means until the4 swing stops.

Did you ever swing on a sack swing?
Man, this brings back lots of memories.

Becky K. said...

I love this song. We sing it at church and it is one that lends itself to singing loud and strong!

Sure, I do believe you need a swing. What a way to Praise Him!!!


Becky K.

Barbara said...

I love that song, and I love to swing too, now I have a porch swing and it feel much safer, lol good post my friend, have a very blessed weekend, Barbara

Vi Abing said...

Thank God for sweet memories and the simple things in life that bring so much JOY.

Kay said...

Definitely! We never get too old to enjoy swinging and singing!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Hey now young lady? Where did you get that last picture? You know the one of the older lady swinging? LOL!

Sharon said...

i LOVE that song - I remember singing that in Vaation Bible School one year - I forgot all about it. Thanks for bringing back such a good memory - I'm off to try to find it to add to my MP3! :)