A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dancing lights

This is August or at least for one more day, isn't it ? We are having a rainy, Autumn'ish day here.
It is kind of dark out today, a bit dreary...so time for some mood lights, and good smells. I plugged in my "Tart burner" (thank you to my sister Trudy) and just loved the way the lights danced all over. It seems so "early" to be doing this. We didn't really get much of a summer. So a girl has to do what a girl has to do....and "what is, is"... so if Fall days are upon us and rainy days are on the way, I will help things seem less dark in my home. I like to use low lights here and there,nice fragrances etc.Today I am burning a older Yankee Tart, "Tea and Honey" and also drinking a cup of hot tea as I enjoy this moment. We may get more summer days, which will be great,until then, I will brighten up my spot a bit.
I am also praying for any of you in the path of the impending hurricanes.


Rebecca said...

Dear Rapture Ready, Deby!

I loved reading your post about tea and honey candle burning, sipping a cuppa tea and enjoying life. It's everything God desires for us...peaceful, glorious living with a loving, grateful spirit.

Love to you. I pray you are well.


A Quiet, Gracious Life said...

Very pretty! I like things like that too.

It's always such a bummer when the seasons don't behave like they're supposed to! (o;

I have to say though, some rainy, cool weather sounds kind of good right now. It's very dry around here and my oh my has it been blistering HOT summer this year!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Deby,
Good to see you today. I have been thinking about you.
I posted the recipe you asked for. :)

Deborah said...

We're having the same kind of weather here, but I'm hoping for some more summer days!

Becky K. said...

Now that actually looks like fun!
Glad you made the most of a dark day.

Becky K.

Vikki G said...

love the look~ I so miss Fall here in Florida but I make do with Fall smells and lots of decoration. So happy to see you posting again. How is your foot doing? Love the look of the blog.

HOPE said...

Oh I love the smells of Fall.

I can hardly believe it's September..I am soo ready for the COOL weather...a nice scarf or cozy blankie with my tea also.

God bless your Fall with pleasant times of warmth and blessings.


jAne said...

oh hey, this is really pretty! i've seen these type candle holders in stores but never saw just how they worked. hmmm. :o)

Lady Rose said...

This looks very lovely.

I know this is going to sound silly, but what is a tart burner? Is it similar to a holder that "burns" liquid potpourri? Just curious.

-Lady Rose

~~Deby said...

Lady Rose,
Yes,,,,I buy the Yankee Tarts...they are the scented was with no wicks...the burner I have in the picture has a low voltage light bulb as it's heat source, instead of a tea light...I like that part even better. Many companies make what I call "tarts"..think I call them that is, that is how I heard them called when I bought my first Yankee one years ago..I love so many of their frangrances.

Sabine said...

How lovely!

Lady Rose said...


Thank you for your kind explanation of the Yankee Tart. I had not heard of them before until I read about them on your blog. Having a light bulb for heating is surely a better alternative to the tea light candles.

Blessings to you.

-Lady Rose