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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So Easy.....REALLY

This recipe was floating around when I was
doing W. W.
I then was in a recipe card swap
and this was my contribution...

Sooo Easy....I told you
IF you have any variations let me know


Anonymous said...

hi Deby - how is physical therapy going? I like that recipe for pumpkin bread - I love recipes that are easy and very few ingredients. I'm going to try it soon. I'm still praying for you.

Love, Vi Abing

Vikki G said...

love the recipe! So easy...I am going to use this for presents~ How are you feeling? I pray the Lord would continue to place His healing hand upon you.

Persuaded said...

That sounds wonderfully easy.. just the thing to whip up in a moment! I love pumpkin anything so I know this would really appeal to my tastebuds. Wonder how it would do with a few chopped walnuts? and maybe a cream cheese frosting?

Yummm.. I'm making myself hungry;)

Candy-faith♥ said...

lovely! and yes, sounds simple...very neat! :)

Rebecca said...

Yum! Sounds soooo good!

Now...share soon about your leg/foot. Are you doing better? Healing up? I so hope you'll have someone helping you shop during the Holidays! If I were there we'd go together and have a WONDERFUL TIME!

Hugs to you~


Pam--in Estonia said...

Deby, this is totally off subject...
I wanted to thank you for the link you gave a YEAR ago for the Bible reading schedule from Faith Baptist Bible College. I've been using mine all year and now it's time to order a new one for 2010. It's been a blessing and I just wanted to say thanks! <3

Jean Marie Bibby said...

Deby! This is awesome! What a great gift for my kiddo's teachers! Thank you thank you thank you! Hope you are doing better and are healing quickly!

Sarah said...

Sounds good - almost like the cookies I make with pumpkin and spice cake mix.

I'd probably add chocolate chips just because I like chocolate LOL

God bless

April said...

Hi Aunt Deby!

I loved this recipe with a devils food or dark chocolate cake mix and just the two egg whites (it turns out less cakey) soooo good. Thanks for reminding me of it!