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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Children watch T.V.

You need to go read this at my friend, Jennifer's BLOG
"Children watch TV.
We have allowed those who could
care a less about anything but $$$
enter our homes and break down our morals."
The above is just a snippet...
IT is WORTH your time...
tell her Deby sent ya !!!


LDH said...

Hi Deby, Thanks for entering my giveaway and for posting about it on your sidebar. Would you please check to see if you are my follower ~ I don't see it on my list.

Going to head over to Jennifer's blog now. Have a good evening, Dear Deby!

Susan said...

Good points. About the only option we have is to turn off the TV. We've come too far to do anything about it now, in my opinion. So just turn it off and be happy and peaceful in our homes! :)

Connie said...

Going right over because I SOOOOO agree with just that snippet, sugar!

HOPE said...

You've got that right Deby! No T.V. in this house for the past...35 YEARS! yep you read right.

I don't need the NEW whatever that was NEW last year..nor the ungodly commercials they "sneek" in..NO thanks.

I'll have to pop over and read the link.

By the way..I'm also reading Gail's latest book...AMAZING! author.

Saw your comment at Aubrey's...I don't have time for the book club..but nice that you visit her..thank you Deby!

HOPE (who is on winter break..but had to say hello to my friend..and hope you are doing well)

Heart2Heart said...


You wouldn't have thought this the case so long ago, but then again you have to be so careful about what you are watching and the content that is being let in.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Persuaded said...

Well, I certainly agree with that snippet! We don't have tv, but we watch videos... and I think we have gotten into the habit of watching even them too much (just being honest here, lol)

I'm going over to read the rest of the article- which I suspect I'll agree with most heartily☺

jAne said...

Soooooo true, Deby. Anymore, we rarely watch television. Instead, we watch well chosen dvd's. Who needs to pollute their minds? No one.

Bless you,
jAne * tickleberryfarm.blogspot.com


Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. LOVE YOU, connie

BECKY said...

Hi Deby!!

I am constantly at war with the TV, and I'm so thankful for parental control since my hubby loves his sporting shows so much! I'd love to not have one, but am so glad I have some control over what Maddy views, even if I'm not here.

Love to you, gal!
Praying, too!

Anonymous said...

You're right that was a very good post, thanks for linking to it. (o: