A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PINK, it shall be

Hey, these pics were easy to find
just google Pink Kitchens
hmmmm...these floors would not work for me
think I would have to play hopscotch ...
Did you do that as a child?
I did...think you would have to call 911
if I tried it right now !
nO...that is nOt me!!
this one doesn't look friendly
enough for my taste..

Isn't this sweet???
I am sure she is baking something yummy?

and yet more...
WHAT ?????
You will have to wait a bit...
my kitchen is in the process...
GUESS what color?
My sister Lisa has been the "paintress"
I am so thankful...


Persuaded said...

Oh girl, I ♥LOVE♥ those pink kitchens.. they are just the sweetest ever. What fun to cook in a kitchen like that. And that checkerboard floor? Well, back in the day, my husband and I had a house built, and in the kitchen we had a checkerboard floor... it was blue and white, but otherwise just exactly like that one. I loved it, but it was the hardest floor to keep clean. It needed to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a day.. every smidge of anything showed right up. Mopping down the floor was the last thing I did every night before I went to bed. As pretty as it was, I can't imagine having something that work intensive at this stage of my life.
Have a bright and beautiful day m'dear!

Becky K. said...

A pink kitchen? Should be sweet if you are doing it.

I love your header.

Hav a very awesome Wednesday!

Becky K.

Jennifer said...

How fun! Nothing like a coat of paint to freshen up your space ... can't wait to see the big reveal LOL! And let me guess ... um, turqoise? LOL! j/k!

Tracy said...

Can't wait to see it, Deby!

BECKY said...

You are just such a teaser!! My childhood home had a pink bathroom! Too funny--4 boys and a pink potty!! HA!! Love the retro pink stuff!

Have a joyful day, sweetie!

Rebecca said...

Oh Deb...I love pink kitchens...I just haven't had the nerve to do one...:( I'm praying about it! LOL

Thanks for sharing, sweets! It's a JOY to pop in!

Love, Rebecca

Mrs.Rabe said...

I don't know as I have ever noticed a pink kitchen before! I am sure it will look great Deby! Can't wait to see it!

rita said...

What a way to keep a man out of your kitchen -- PINK everywhere.
I'm not fond of the yellowish pink of the first kitchen but I love the deep clear pink of the second one.
Now we all must wait to see what you do! I know it will be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Pink is my favorite color, and I think it would be so much fun to have a pink kitchen. I can't wait to see pictures of your new kitchen!

miss gracies house said...

Too cute! I saw a pink fridge while shopping in Spokane last month! I've seen the stoves but not a fridge before. Waiting to see your project!

Abounding Treasures said...

Look forward to pictures when you're done :o)

Susan B said...

It will be fun to see your kitchen! I like pink..but I'm not sure my husband would enjoy a pink kitchen! (I used to love playing hopscotch...my cousin and I played all the time!) :O)

Kristi said...

Aww, a pink kitchen! That sounds so lovely. I do love pink, myself!!! :)