A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, July 13, 2009

How I light my home

We have been having a couple dark days here
in the Pacific Northwest...even thunder and lightening
in some parts...it sure has made my house darker..
What's a girl to do ?
(Tiffany light bought from Craig's list)
Well...I love lighting..little lights here and there
they seem to just make your mood brighter.
I use low voltage, or those FAKE candles
from JoAnne's or Michaels (coupons of course)
or real candles !!
(mirror is not hung and I am still not sure yet !!)
A little here a little there...
placement of any or all, always subject to change..
upon whim...or need of a different look!
A new favorite lamp...yard sale:
By my recliner...
As you can see
my Ott-lite is to the left...
for reading
I had to miss church again yesterday,
I had some reaction to my pain shot--or something...
WELLLLLL....before I got into my Bible study
I thought, I need to do these little lights for me.
Oh ..I kept them on all day..
I also use mini-lights, especially on my ficus trees.
I like the feeling lighting gives, like when you go into
a restaurant or a great gift shop...or tea room.
It is easy to do..and can be cheap...and EVEN
in the summer can make all the difference.
Any hints ...for what you do?
This is all apart of the Joy of Homemaking for me.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

beautiful! just like you ~ thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

BECKY said...

Oh I'm with you, Deby!! I love the effect of lighting in a space, and also love using candles for scent and light. It just really warms up a room, and sets a tone!!

Prayed that you are feeling better today!
Love and hugs,

Persuaded said...

Those are beautiful deby.. i like the look of little lights scattered around too. I especially love candles♥ One thing about *not* having babies or very little children around is the freedom to have candles without fear. (Gotta look on the bright side, right? ;))

Mrs.Rabe said...

I completely agree about the lighting!

I am so glad you light the lights for yourself. Years ago I read a book by Emilie Barnes and she mentioned that she used little oil lamps by her sink in the kitchen to add beauty and ambiance while she did dishes! That has always stayed with me!

I think the low lights add such warmth and beauty...

Thank you for showing us - your Tiffany style lamps are so beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Love the lighting, Sweet D! You always share the most precious things!

Hoping this finds you well...


Connie said...

Oh, Deby, that mood lighting is beautiful, sweetpea. I love soft lights at night except where I read. I have a pharmacist lamp right over the arm of my chair when I read. I always have needed intense light to read, sugar. Just beautiful.

Becky K. said...

Hi Deby,
I hope you are feeling better.

Lighting is such an art. I am glad you enjoy taking the time to do it right.

I love lamps and lights. As a candle maker, of course I love to use them too.

Have a happy Monday!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Anonymous said...

Dear Deby ~

I love little lights just like you do ~ it is such a homemaking joy! Yours are lovely!!

I hope you are feeling better!


Lori said...

Deby, I love your Tiffany lamp! The other lights are sweet too, but I love that Tiffany!! :) Lighting can just transform a room, can't it?

Susan B said...

Hi Deby,
I love your Tiffany lamp...so pretty! Lighting does make such a difference in a room. Thank you for sharing your pretty things. (I really like your header.)

I hope you are feeling better. :o)

Cathy said...

Your lights are so pretty, Deby. I'm sorry about all the pain you are having.

Abounding Treasures said...


Sorry to hear of your reaction :o(

I love the Tiffany lamp ~ I have a 'fake' one but it's still pretty.

I am one of those people that does NOT like bright, overhead lighting so anytime I can use lamps, I do!

Candles and mini-white lights are great ~ I have some of the mini lights intertwined through my small village scene on one of our bookcases and it looks lovely, especially at night and gives the room such ambience :o)

Blessings to you!

HOPE said...

Growing up...my mother always had little lamps around the house tucked in corners...lit during the day! Made it so cozy. So I too...carry on...and have some cute tiny lamps here and there.

I'll have to share mine one day too..


Becky said...

All of your lighting is darlin' ~ love it.

But, you know what the best light of all is in your house:


....for you have Christ's Light and you are the light of the world, which includes your precious home.

Blessings and love,