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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Plate garden

Oh....I just think this is soooo cute
think of all the ways you could do this.
This picture is courtesy of Kim at:
Please visit her and see the creative things
that she does. I am sure with your own
ideas added in, you could create something beautiful
and unique and something that is *your style*
I love homemakers that think
"outside of the box"


Becky K. said...

It is a very pretty border.

Have a great day, Deby.

Persuaded said...

ok, that is deep and profound cute-ness! i adore this... thank you so much for sharing. seriously, i am excited about this☺

LDH said...

How cute is this idea! Hope you have a great day!

Kelley said...

That is really cute!
The plates are so cute I would have a hard time putting them in the ground though...
Wishing you a blessed day Ü

BECKY said...

Hi Deby!! This is SO adorable and I have never seen it done before!! I am working on cleaning up a back corner of my yard to plant and decorate, and I think I am going to have to incorporate some plates into the design!

How fun!! Thank you for sharing this cool idea!!
Love and hugs, Gal,

Cathy said...

I love Kim's blog, Deby. She really is creative, and I especially love her dog.

Susan B said...

What a cute, and very creative idea!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

So cute!

Manuela has cute plates lining her garden as well!

Kristi said...

What a cute idea!! Love it!


Michele said...

Very pretty and fun. I like the way she used the same colors even though I usually decorate willy nilly.

Abounding Treasures said...

What a neat idea ~ something that looks beautiful but I'd never have dreamed of :o)

Blessings on your upcoming week, Deby!

Becky said...

Darlin', just darlin'.....wish I could "think outside of the box" and then ~ have the guts to do it.

But, I sure can appreciate when others do it.


Becky Terry

Jennifer said...

Oh, my! That is just the cutest thing ... makes me want to go garage saling and pick out my own garden border LOL!

Myranda said...

picnic on the lawn, anyone?