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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleep Apnea-CPAP-Encouragement-more added

I am no authority on CPAP for Sleep Apnea.
Because I got so many emails I thought I would share a few things.
Sleep Apnea, un-treated can contribute to many health problems.
It can cause strokes and heart attacks as a starting point.
The lady I see, has a real burden for people with it as she had a love one that died from it.
Sleep apnea can and does affect your cognitive skills. I know this personally, and was told this from the neurologist yesterday.
I have REAL sleep issues and it has affected my life.
NOW, those masks ARE NOT COMFORTABLE. My recommendations are to try several to see what works best. It takes lots of time to get used to your mask. I am still working on that. I was told each hour you spend with your mask on ,is better than a hour without.Take this seriously. I am trying to.
I say TRYING, it is a process.
IF you know someone who snores, please encourage them to go through the sleep study. It is not hard. I was a nervous wreck and then thought "this was a piece of cake".None of what I have written is medical advice, I am not a expert, but I DO CARE. We are in this together, my fellow-apnea-acs. I wish I had heeded the advice 8 years ago when first diagnosed, I think my health would be better today.Google, SLEEP APNEA, CPAP--get informed.
Enough from me....seek your medical professional.
Because I care...
btw, I am so aware not everyone is able to have medical insurance. I wish it were not that way.
I do have insurance and many of you do to, but yet we don't take sleep apnea seriously ...I was like that for MANY years. I wanted you to understand that I understand that we all don't have insurance.


Jessica said...

My dad has sleep apnea, and the CPAP machiene is the best thing that happened concerning his sleeping. I agree that the masks aren't comfortable. It took my dad several months to get used to his mask, but now he won't even take a nap without it. My dad knows several people that have sleep apnea but they wont take the time to get used to their masks. He says that they don't know what they are missing. The doctor told him that before he had the mask he wasn't really "sleeping" at all, he was only resting, because his body never really made it to deep enough sleep to be considered actual "sleep". My dad says he sleeps so much better now!

HOPE said...

You worded this so well Deby..so caring and informative.

I'm so glad you are on the road to better health!!

I'm sure many will benefit from this information..

God bless..

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Deby ~ that's exactly what the doctor told Glenn about the health issues. He's just stubborn and I'm tired of fighting with him. But then he complains about not sleeping good...oh vie!!!


Anonymous said...

Well hello, Miss Cutie-pie! What a precious picture of you!! I think you should use this picture on your profile. What a wonderful post today, my dear! I have family members who suffer from this condition, and your post reiterates what I have heard from them. I'm so glad you submitted to the testing and use your CPAP. You must take very good care of yourself, because you are very important to many of us. {{{hugs}}}

Donna said...

I've told my husband about your sleep apnea and he's convinced that I have it and has ordered me to go through the sleep study which I will be doing in the New Year.

Steve Gardner said...

An excellent post, Deby. I'd like to offer an idea about CPAP, if I may. For those who are just starting out, try wearing your mask for at least an hour BEFORE going to bed ... perhaps while reading or watching TV ... rather than waiting until the very moment you hope to get to sleep. I did this and found it very helpful.

I concur with your statement about trying several different masks. Unfortunately, several DME (durable medical equipment) providers such as home medical equipment companies, usually only offer the patient once choice. Patients need to advocate for themselves and DEMAND the opportunity to try several different masks.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and good health and happiness in 2009!

Abounding Treasures said...

A very informative and encouraging post for those suffering from sleep apnea ... that is a great new photo of you on your profile :o)


Candy-Faith said...

HI Deby!
Thank you for such a SWEET birthday wish/comment. I just love ya to pieces.
I wanted to tell you how beautiful you look on this picture. You always look nice but this picture is so pretty :)

Jodi said...

Deby ~ You have such a sweet and gentle approach. This was a very informative post. Thank you.