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Proverbs 25:11

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shame on Washington State

This is the sign that is placed by the Nativity in the Capital building in Washington State. It is from the atheists. This is also the state that passed the assisted suicide law last month. SHAME..SHAME..shame....
You know the Atheists or others can pick their own day. Why is this allowed ???? IT is a shame to our country. IF we did this on a holiday that other middle eastern religions celebrate , can you imagine the world wide comments.
Washington State is one of the most UNCHURCHED states in the country. It is either #1 or #2. Are you looking for a mission field ???? Well, there is one right here in our own country, good old Latte' land, home of Starbucks and Microsoft. We need church planters here, we need pastors willing to help in this state. My state, needs PRAYER and in the meantime...please feel free to call the Governor. Her name is Christine Gregoire and her number is 360 902-4111. Be polite. Or email her here (thanks Cathy)
oh my, this is shameful. I am embarrassed to be a citizen of Washington State.
I will not publish comments that disagree with my post. My blog is my blog and I love the Lord and will pray, just thought you all should know.


Polly & Steve said...

I totally agree with you Deby....That sign is dreadful! Dear God bless those people with renewed site..and that they know that there is a God and Angels and Devils. Please God open their eyes.

Polly and Steve

Kristi said...

The athiests have a day for themselves already...I believe it's Apirl 1st. ha!

Truthfully, I think the more they are obnoxious about this whole thing, we (Christians) cease to be the extremist, hate-mongers, which in turn, the atheists become. They're making themselves look exactly what the Bible calls them...fools.

Psalm 53:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.

Psalm 14:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

HOPE said...

Indeed a shame. And to think, Washington is a part of our life too..my husband grew up there...my daughter lives there. We have a lot of family living there.

It is a MISSION FIELD. The church we visited while there...actually take on American's as MISSIONARIES to that state! PRAISE GOD it is needed. It is heartwrenching to think that this land of ours once founded on God's Word has gone so far that we need our own Missionaries!! And so does England...where so many Godly Missions went out to the world.

I pray daily that even our little desire to reach others in blogland will be fruitful. A little corner of the world...reaching out.

Praying for the True Christians in Washington to stand up and be heard.

HOPE (and there is HOPE!)

Candy-Faith said...

I will start praying for Washington State!


Deborah said...

Read the first link on my post at the KJV blog directory, if you'd like to be disgusted even more.
We can take heart in knowing that all of this is just a sign of the times...even so come Lord Jesus!

Auntie eM said...

Deby, this is hard, but it seems to be the direction God is allowing this nation to progress to, with fulfillment of the God-haters and increased wickedness. Makes me think of Jeremiah - it was due to the sins of His people that He brought their captivity. So we as His people today, must be fully surrendered of all worldliness and repent of sin in the camp of our private lives; perhaps then He may turn the tide.
I want to be faithful to the last Day. "He who is faithful to the End will be saved." The 5 virgins didn't realize they'd need to go into the dark of Night, and had not enough oil. they must have thought He'd come before. As these days grow darker, we will all need to be overcomers.
Many Blessings,
Auntie Em

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh Deby ~ That sign is horrible. I so agree with you. I'm just amazed that a sign like that would be put up. God is looking down on us and shaking his head.


Cathryn said...

Hi Deby, I'm really sorry to see this. How it grieves our Lord even more than it grieves us. God help them - God help them. Lord Bless, Cathryn

Cathy said...

I saw that on the news last night too, Deby. That is awful! Maybe I can email the governor. It is a disgrace!

shekinahhvac said...

Thank you for posting this. I, too, live in washington State, and didn't know about this. I will pray, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!


Tori said...

Wow, that is appalling! I don't know why it shocks me, but it does. It's ridiculous how blatantly the US is turning from God.
I'm praying too Deby!

Cathy said...

I believe like Hope said that "the True Christians in Washington need to stand up and be heard." We can't just sit by and let those atheists get rid of God in our country! And I believe we need to be aware of just what is going on.

lady jane said...

I read an article yesterday about this debacle. It's truly horrendous. Our precious country is taking a road that it will never, I fear, recover from. The United States is indeed a mission field.

Rapture ready,

lady jane said...

I found the following quote:

"Non-believers are a part of the fabric of America and we claim our place at the table to exercise free speech and freedom of religion, which includes freedom from religion," said Dan Barker, 59, the foundation co-president who came from Madison for the sign's unveiling.

Dan Barker's freedom of speech extends to silencing the religious speech of others. For shame.

Lord God, have mercy.

Susan said...

What a shame! Keep standing, Deby, and keep praying for men to come to WA to start fundamental churches. We have a friend who has started 2 of them - one flourished and one didn't. It's a hard field, but it's definitely a needy one.

And while they're coming to WA, they can come on up to beautiful British Columbia - where we need all the help spreading the gospel that we can get!

Christian Homekeeper said...

Did I mention I despite living in this state? LOL Besides CA, it is one of the most liberal that I know of. I've been hearing on the news all about that, makes me angry but righteous indignation lol. :)

Haven't heard back from you, sent you a few emails, hope all is well!


Jenny said...

Wow. That is just sad. Very sad. That was in the capital building, did you say? So... did the "officials" there just allow it to stay, right along side the nativity scene? Is it because of freedom of speech, do they have to allow both? You wouldn't think they would want both messages there at the capital. How sad.

Abounding Treasures said...

It's hard to believe that officials would allow this sign to remain ...

Here in Canada, I think it would depend on where you lived but for the most part, so far , I think something like this would be removed.

Of course, times are very sadly changing here as well and as someone has already said, the Lord is allowing man to *have what he wants* to his detriment.

Things are waxing worse and worse ... as the coming of the Lord draws nearer!

Sharon said...

I saw this on the news yesterday. It amazes me how this stuff can happen in our country!!!

Anonymous said...

I too am ashamed of the state I come from, Vermont, for they are liberal and refuse to put child preditors behind bars. They probably will not allow anything regarding God to be displayed also.

I often wander why someone else's "freedom of speech" has to be at the expense of the christians' freedom of speech. And you better believe that if it was done against a middle Eastern religion, not only would it be on the news, someone would be getting sued!!!!!

One day Americans will open their eyes and wander where God is. They should have memorized Matthew 10:33
"But whoever publicly disowns me I will disown befor my Father in Heaven."

WAKE UP POLITICAL AMERICA before it is TOO late!!!

Barbara said...

The people responsible for that poster have the right to belive anything they want to believe. But one day, they will find tht GOD exists, and it was HE who gave them the choice to believe in God or not - they have free choice. But that free choice may one day lead them to where they may wish it hadn't. They still have time to change their minds and come to know God as their friend and Savior.

J. said...

That really is disgusting! I live in "The Bible Belt" (SC) and things here are a little different. Here people hold onto their religion as a "fire insurance policy". They believe that because their grandmother went to the local church all of her life and their entire family is buried in the cemetary they will go to Heaven. The Devil has put the blinders on them. They have bought into "Church Membership" as a way to Heaven. People no longer trust on Jesus for Salvation.
In the past few years though the atheists and sinners have become more and more bold as "Hellywood" becomes this nation's new God.
Blessings to you. Great blog.

the voice of melody said...

I can't believe this sign is allowed to be posted here in the US. That's just shocking to me, and sad.

La Tea Dah said...

Did you hear? The sign went missing today --- although the one who 'stole' it confessed and the State Patrol is off to retrieve it.

Anonymous said...

They were half right, Deb. Religion is a lot of things, but a faith relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is 'life everlasting'!
EVERY knee will bow, even the atheist's.
Merry CHRISTmas!
DL in Illinois

Miss Linda said...

This truly breaks my heart. It also reminds me of a program I listened to this morning on my local Christian radio station. Tony Perkins, the president of Family Research Council, was discussing the new Capitol Visitors Center that cost $600 million to build. He explained that the religious heritage of this country has been almost completely eliminated from the Visitor Center's numerous elaborate (and very expensive) displays discussing the country's history. This nation was founded on Christian faith. The nation's official motto is "In God We Trust". In this age when religion is becoming less and less accepted in "mainstream society" we have an even greater opportunity to live and express our Christian faith. A light shines brightest in the darkest night.