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Friday, November 7, 2008

Dog advice for our new prez-elect

Lightening up this morning.
Our new president elect has promised his daughters a dog if he won.
I think that is a great idea.
I am a dog lover (cats are okay too)
So.....to start a fun discussion
Please tell us
WHAT KIND of DOG would you recommend?
You can have real answers or be humorous.
just be sure to read the comments
they just might put a smile on your face.


My choice:

She is so smart and a little heartier than a Yorkie.
So I think that would be my choice.



Connie said...

I'm not an animal person but I saw a lady with a papillon at the airport once and said that if I ever got a dog for companionship that was the dog I wanted, chickadee! They are so cute, tiny and absolutely devoted to their owners. But if it was to protect children I'd get a vicious dog that's friendly to children. Grrrrr, bite, bite, bite, rip, rip!!! :-)

Deborah said...

We recently got a Norwegian Elkhound...I just posted a picture of her today...They are supposed to be very good with children, and very loyal and protective. The parents of our purry would bark as soon as the children got to the edge of their property, so I'm hoping ours is the same. She is very gentle with our little princess.
They're also from the north, great for Manitoba weather! Snow and rain just rolls off their coat. And they aren't supposed to have a 'doggy' smell, but I beg to differ on that one!
Not sure she's refined enough to live with the president's family, but she's great for us!

Farrah said...

I read that poodles are great for children. Maybe he'll get in better with the French president!

Deborah said...

hmmmm...maybe I should read my comments before posting.....
purry = puPPy
and r and p aren't even close on the keyboard!

A Note From Theresa said...

I really like my Beagle, they are very loud, but very loving. They can have food aggression, but they eat everything in their bowl. They can pull your arm half off when you walk them, but you get to spend a long time out doors when they get a sent in their nose.

They are cute.

Cathryn said...

Deby, You are a hoot. So funny. I, um, don't like dogs. I'm a cat lover and I have seven of them - all outside though. Don't know much about dogs. Just wanted to say howdy! Lord Bless, Cathy

Pam said...

I'd suggest they get a small dog, one the girls can handle well on a leash. It will be fun watching youngsters in teh white house.

HOPE said...


I hear anything from Alaska..is wonderful..powerful...down to earth...a go get(her)...and won't give up a fight! :)

HOPE said...

Forgot to mention...

and perfect for living in the WHITE HOUSE!!

Patti said...

I found your blog through Maxine's. (I liked the name of the blog on her sidebar...and here I am).

Anyhow, I'm with the commenter above. Beagle would be a great puppy choice. Of course, I'm biased, as I'm a beagle owner. But they are the most loveable dogs I've ever been around. However, the Obamas will have to be sure to have a huge fence around the yard, as beagles are natural hunters and will follow a scent wherever it takes them. If they don't keep it fenced in, it could wind up in Delaware pretty quickly.

Also, I like your little blurb above the comment section. I'm just coming back to blogging after a year's hiatus, and one of the reasons I grew weary of it all was the constant argumentative comments that came my way. I just don't want to get into debates over the internet. I mean, we all have enough "debate" with unsaved relatives, why do we want more on our internet time?

Anyhow, blessings upon your day,

Michelle said...

Such a cute picture and a great post. I don't care what they adopt as long as it is a rescue dog. That would be my choice. Lots of homeless animals out there.

Pam said...

Oh Hope, what a great mind! Love your suggestion!

Thanks for the heads up Deby. I rushed right over after reading your comment.

Anonymous said...

I like Hope's suggestion. Very creative!

Kristi said...

I like dobermans. They're good, loyal dogs and actually great with kids. Very obedient.

Plus they're good watch dogs...just in case bad men were allowed into the White House. Of course, I'm not saying President Elect Obama *shivering* would EVER have bad men in the white house...oh, who am I kidding?


Ginny said...

I'm with Connie - a dog that's kind to kids but vicious toward adults!

Elizabethd said...

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How wonderful to have a Christian doctor!

Tracy's corner said...

beagles! beagles!!!! They are great dogs for kids.

La Tea Dah said...

My choice would be a Schnauzer 'cause that's what I have (and love). Secondly, they are hypo-allergenic, therefore Malia wouldn't be bothered by them. I'm sure they would do their fair share of barking at the press corp! They are very protective!

Great question! You've had many comments on this one!

Love the new header for Thanksgiving as well.


Homespun Simplicity said...

I love my cocker-spaniel beagle! He is great with kids and his loud bark and ~HOWL~ is great to frighten off intruders! So that would be my choice.

Mobunny said...

I think they ought to just get a MUTT. That way they won't have to tax us to get a dog with papers and pedigree.
Just get a free dog, a little one that doesn't eat much.
One that won't hop on the furniture and chew on stuff.

lady jane said...

I'm a yellow lab kinda gal but a White House dog shouldn't be as large I'm thinking. So, maybe a teacup poodle the girls can take turns carrying in their pocket.

However . . . my flesh says a pitbull with lipstick. ;o)