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Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thank you Dallas

I was blessed to receive a giveaway from
Dallas at Abounding Treasures

I went and bought blackberries and used her Freezer Jam
mix to make this batch of delicious jam.
I packed some into these little containers
to share with my neighbors. This was so delicious.
Thank you Dallas !!!


Connie said...

I think that looks sooooo yummy, sweetpea! I'm trying to catch up with blogs and I'm so far behind I'm doubting I'll ever catch up!

I am truly blessed said...

Oh yummy....we have so many blackberries...I need to go out and pick some soon before they go bad

MochaMIssy said...

Mmmm.... my boys would love those berries... in pancakes of course... when we were at the berry farm picking last weekend, I told Mark I refused to pay to pick blackberries that we can find for free everywhere back in WA.... we tasted a few from here and they were really tart anyways... Wa blackberries, much tastier!

That Good Part said...

What a nice gifty!

I love the crochet dish towels.
A friend in Ky gifted me one this past summer while I was visiting with her. It looks very similar to the one on the right.

I really need to put my mind on learning to crochet some things like this!

OH...and I lovvvvve me some blackberry cobbler!

Tiffany said...

That sure does look very yummy!

Tori said...

What a nice gift and the berries look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Deby,

Your jam looks delicious!! And it was such a sweet giveaway that you won!! Enjoy :)

Blessings on this lovely day,


Abounding Treasures said...


Your blackberry jam looks delicious and what a neat thing putting it in small containers so you can share it with others :o)

BTW ~ you are VERY WELCOME :o)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift and the blackberries look yummy! (o: