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Proverbs 25:11

Friday, December 4, 2009

time to order

I have used this Bible reading schedule several times.
It is perforated so you can separate and use them to keep your place to.
They are FREE
order one or a quantity of them here.
What a blessing it is to read your Bible through in a year.


Diana said...

Thanks for the tip!!

Persuaded said...

OOOh, nifty! I have not used any plan per se for my Scripture reading during 2009. Except for daily readings in Psalms and Proverbs, I've just kinda hopped around. It was a nice change from my structured readings over the last few years, but I am very ready to get back on a specific plan again. I think I just might look into this! Thanks so much for sharing, Deby☺

Susan said...

I'm loving your daily posts - they're perfect, and exactly what I was wanting to do with my camera . . . which remains broken and only works when it wants to!

Tori said...

Thanks Deby for the link. I have been looking through several different ones in English and thinking of translating them. I've been dragging my feet since we don't have a single good Bible but many inferior translations. Praise the Lord we have our New Testament almost done, it's on it's way to the printer and then we will have a Bible that everyone can read and all the verses will be there. YEA!

Anhoo, hope you're enjoying your Lord's Day!