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Proverbs 25:11

Monday, April 6, 2009

need squirrel advice

I have been feeding the squirrels as I have mentioned before.
What they are doing then, is digging little holes
in the yard to save their food, I assume.
My husband is not happy with this.
Do all squirrels always do this ?
IF I were to quit feeding them, I would miss their antics so much.
This yard, mind you, NEEDS much TLC
....So do nice grass and squirrels
go hand in hand?
Any advice?


Mrs. D said...

Hey, Deb! Glad to see you back! The squirrels get into our bird feeders and eat. But I notice them bringing acorns and black walnuts into the yard to bury, and we haven't any of those trees around here. So they bring their food from afar and bury it anyway. I notice them constantly digging to find food they've buried before.I've read that they don't remember the exact place they buried in, but have areas they frequent and dig in those areas. They do mess up the grass and I've had them tear into my planters and hostas and destroy them just for kicks. I could do without them! I let the dog out but he's never caught one. They are very destructive.

Becky K. said...

I don't think you can stop them from burying their food. It is what they do...

I will watch for others input as well. We have tons of squirrels and there is often talk among the neighborhood as to how people are keeping them out of their bird feeders.

Persuaded said...

sorry, i don't really have any advice for you.. our squirrels do the exact same thing! the holes do get less obvious though as the grass grows thicker, if that helps at all☺

Maxine said...

This is definitely an instinct that all squirrels have. I feed the birds, which means that I also feed the squirrels, of course. And yes, they do have a habit of messing up the back yard by digging and burying. I'm with you--I do enjoy watching them and have had a few tame ones that would eat out of our hand. Can't help you with your problem, though.

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Sharon said...

Squirrels do cause yard damage, but they are so funny to watch! We watched a squirrel one night just before dark go into his nest. So neat.

Glad you are doing okay with those shots!

HOPE said...

Oh yes..those critters! I love to watch how funny they can be...we put vaseline on my BIRD feeders post and it was hilarious! Yep..up..slide..up...slide. They are very persistent too!

They have destroyed every bird feeder I've owned! and I miss my birdie friends more!

Gus goes NUTS (smile) when we say the "S" word..he chases them to no avail.

You have to either like them...or ...

I just can't decide! so for now with no bird feeders..I'll enjoy their scurring around.


Rebecca said...

Deby...the sweet little squirrels (I love to watch them , too!) are always in our yard...scurring from one of our 18 trees to another. They tease my doggie Mollie the Molinator to no end. She still can't figure out how they can run up a tree without her being able to do the same.

We've grown acustom to the little guys burying their treasures in our yard. Sometimes in the winter I see them trying to dig those finds back up!

Now...get this...

Several years ago a bunch of our BLUE Christmas Lights were missing. When my hubbs went out to see what was up the entire bulb and wire was chewed up and removed. Later in the Spring he found several of them buried in our backyard. They little guys thought they were big blue nuts... Hysterical! They don't seem to mess with the clear ones we use now!

Thanks for visiting sweet friend. I LOVE your bloggie! Isn't it a blessing from the Lord to have a hubbs that helps soooo much!


Michele said...

If you can't beat them, JOIN THEM?

or at least enjoy them?

we don't have many squirrels.......we have other things, like RED ants that will make you cry like a baby if more than one at a time bites you.