A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Monday, April 13, 2009

indulge me**more added

I am sure my fascination with
these little critters will wear off
Love this shot..

Little stinker...burying his foods.
He is hoarding !!!

Time to leave until next time.
These were taken last week on a Sunny morning
It was chilly and I still went and sat on my deck
with my Bible and a cuppa...
.....then the critters came out !!!
I had to go grab the camera
I am sorry, I can't resist
**I have not eaten Squirrel, I have eaten rabbit
have any of you ???


Mrs. Rabe said...

Well at least it is cheap entertainment Deby! :)

They are interesting and busy little creatures!

Tori said...

Oh that's fun. Aren't they the neatest animals and so smart!

Becky K. said...

Love the one mid jump.

The pesky little critters are all over the place here. Cute, though.

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

Adorable! I remember when we lived in Crown Point and grew sunflowers in our garden . . . it was so much fun watching the squirrels climb up the stalks to get the seeds!

rita said...

Deby, did you see on last night's news how the city of Spokane is bombing a park to get rid of the critters? They are threatning the newly planted trees and people are fighting back. The news item likened it to the scene in "Caddy Shack" where Bill Murray fights the cute little guy digging holes on the golf course. Made me laugh.
I have squirrels, too, and put out food just for them. I love the way their tails curl up behind them.


Dear Deby, that is so cute and he is so fat. Looks like someone has been feeding him really good all winter.

Have you ever eaten squirrel? We ate squirrel a lot growing up. There was no other meat available to poor folks. I remember Jim always tells that his family lived on squirrel and berry pie for a whole year once.

Hope you are having a really warm and good day. connie

Valerie said...

I love squirrels, except when I want to see a bluebird or cardinal! :) Thank you for entering my giveaway. I love the title of your blog!:)

Tammy said...

I am having a "cuppa" right now...LOL...our squirrels are hiding out or using their umbrella's and galloshes...we've had over an inch today!!

Linda said...

I completely understand Deby. I have pictures of a cute little one of those guys drinking out of our bird bath.

Rebecca said...



Maxine said...

They are so much fun!! No I have not eaten either of those cute little critters and don't intend to. My husband has and says rabbit takes like chicken.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great pictures. Isn't it awesome to just enjoy God's creation?

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Nancy said...

They are entertaining aren't they?? We have bunches of them around here too!! You can almost see them thinking about how they will attack the feeders next.. to funny!!

Sharon said...

So funny! I love watching them too. No, never have eaten squirrel or rabbit...at least not that I know of. :)

Deborah said...

Very cute! I've never eaten either and don't plan to, unless I'm starving! LOL

BECKY said...

He sure is a cutie!! Haven't eaten either one, but my Dad hunted squirrel when he was in college and married to my Mom. They were broke and it fed them many nights!! No shortage of squirrels, you know??!!


Rebecca said...

Well NO! I haven't eaten Squirrel or Rabbit. I'd surely GAG! ACK! and ICK! :( :( :(

Your last post on my blog had me rolling on the floor! Yep, if you were here in Oklahoma we'd be buds for SURE!


Pam said...

My hubby is always laughing at the subjects I choose to take photos of! These were cute!! NOPE I've never eaten squirrel but have eaten duck, rabbit, and frog legs!

Persuaded said...

we have lots and lots of squirrels at our place too. they just ravaged our birdfeeders, until i started putting food out for them too☺

Susan said...

I love to watch squirrels, too! They're so much fun, especially when they get upset with each other. I've never eaten squirrel, but like you, I have eaten rabbit. I thought it was chicken, and my mother didn't tell me different till after I'd eaten it! LOL

Tiffany said...

I could watch them play all day long, its just so interesting to watch them do what they do. Can't wait to see more pic's!!

jAne said...

We have a 'resident' squirrel on our little property. His name is Sammy and he hoards as well as carries on 'conversations' with tHat cAt and me if we're out back altogether.

I've eaten rabbit after being told it taste like chicken. Well for pity sake, if it tastes like chicken then just eat chicken! Pooh widdo wabbit.


Anonymous said...

Deby, my mom who is 78 grew up in Arkansas. She has eaten squirrel and she likes it!!